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San Diego Tiki Oasis: The Enchanted Sea – August 2-6

Event: San Diego TIKI OASIS: The Enchanted Sea
Website: tikioasis.com
Date: August 3 – 7, 2022
Location: Town and Country Resort,
500 Hotel Circle North, San Diego, CA 92108
Media Contact: Lee Joseph, Reverberations Media

San Diego Tiki Oasis: The Enchanted Sea postcard


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Tiki Oasis is the original and largest Tiki event in the world. Enjoy five nights and four days of live music, pool lounging, fashion shows, swanky suites, sunset dinners, disc jockeys, art exhibits, educational seminars, busting Tiki Marketplace, tropical cocktails curated by top mixologists, and so much more!

Tiki Oasis: The Enchanted Sea Ticket Info Delux Wednesday-Sunday and Standard Thursday – Sunday tickets are available now. Note that our art exhibit and Tiki Marketplace are FREE and open to the public; symposiums and Wednesday and Sunday Night tickets are available ala carte! See the event website for more information.

This years theme: Tiki Oasis celebrates The Enchanted Sea!

Tiki Oasis: The Enchanted Sea seminars include: The History of Swimwear; Our Own Paradise – the History of Black-Owned American Resorts; Sea is for Cocktail: Navigating the Murky Waters of Nautical Libations; Beach Bohemians of the 20th Century – The History of Beachcomber Style; The Legend Returns: Don the Beachcomber; The Chinese Connection; The Marriage of Tiki and Surfing – Unlocking the courtship through sport, music, and media; The Secret Life of Vincent Price; The Evolution of Surfing Movie Music 1958-1972; Dances from the Caribbean Islands – Merengue, Cha Cha, Salsa, and many others!

Entertainment: Disco Iskander Bellydance Troup, Magician Rob Zabrecky, Infernal Order of the Black Flame, Hollywood Film Noirchestra, Jason Hanna and The Swingin’ Bananas, The New Les Baxter Orchestra, Tikitronic, The Charades, Tikiyaki Orchestra, I Belli Di Waikiki, L´Exotighost, Shorty’s Swingin Coconuts, Pearl Harbour Country, SeaBase, Tom Kenny & the Hi-Seas, Messer Chups, Man or Astroman?, The Black Widows, Sir Bald Diddley. Mohama Saz

Art Show, Marketplace, Pooch Parade, Mx Tiki Oasis Contest, Costume Contests, Beauty BouTIKI, and more!
Media photos and interview opportunities are available on request. 

Tiki Oasis happens at Town and Country Resort. Family-owned since its inception as a 40-room roadside lodge in 1953, Town and Country, Mission Valley’s first hotel, underwent significant expansions in 1968 and 1969. In honor of Town and Country’s history and mid-century roots, the hotel completed a 70 million-dollar renovation in 2020 and has been re-imagined into a modern retreat, unlike any other hotel in San Diego!

Tiki Oasis is an All-Inclusive Event
Now in its’ 23rd year, our event prides itself on being all-inclusive; everyone is welcome to join the fun! At Tiki Oasis, we make a concerted effort to ensure all our attendees feel valued, safe, and free to be their most authentic selves. We are committed to creating a culture of inclusion and respect, as reflected in Tiki Oasis’ Diversity & Inclusion Council, LGBTiki Meet-Up, and Melanted Tiki Meetup.

The Core Values of Tiki Oasis

  • Tiki Oasis is a family-run small business. Our core values are a reflection of who we are.
  • Tiki Oasis promotes equality, diversity, and inclusion; we empower marginalized groups and encourage social justice through dialogue and action.
  • Tiki Oasis promotes education and the sharing of ideas and knowledge; we believe in the historic preservation of American Pop Culture through the lens of modern-day values.
  • Tiki Oasis promotes sustainable practices with a deep commitment to conservation and positive choices that support the health of our planet.



2/17 – 2/20: Mr. Ho’s Orchestrotica Golden State Exotica Tour

Eclectic East Coast Quintet brings Exotic Instrumentals to the Golden State

A Melange of Tchaikovsky, Tanburs, Tiki Torches,
and Tone Poems Will Sound in California
Mr. Ho’s Orchestrotica Golden State Exotica Tour: Feb 17 – Feb 20

Global jazz and exotic chamber music quintet, Mr. Ho’s Orchestrotica, heads west February 17th, 2016, for their inaugural California tour. The “evocative exotica” of the group (Boston Globe) will be heard over four subsequent evenings of concerts beginning in San Carlos and ending in San Pedro (Los Angeles).

Wednesday, Feb. 17: San Carlos, CA 
7:00 PM – Free

Thursday, Feb. 18
: San Francisco, CA
8:00 PMTickets $18+

Friday, Feb. 19: San Diego, CA
“An Evening of Sensational Sounds w/ Mr. Ho’s Orchestrotica”
8:00 PM – GA and VIP Tickets $20+

Saturday, Feb. 20: San Pedro, CA
8:00 PM * Tickets $18+

Led by “musical polymath” Mr. Ho aka Brian O’Neill (vibist, percussionist, artistic director), the quintet on this tour will feature the talents of Tev Stevig (oud, tanbur, resonator guitar), Brad Barrett (bass), Jeremy Smith (percussion), and Dr. Ela Brandys (bass flute, flute). The Orchestrotica’s quintet formation, called “anything but straightforward” by the Washington Post, will perform a variety of recorded selections from it’s acclaimed Exotica for Modern Living series that includes Third River Rangoon (2011) (“Top 10 for 2011”-Huffington Post) and Where Here Meets There (2013) (“Wonderful!”-Jazz Weekly). The eclectic ensemble’s music has been featured on PRI’s The World, WNYC’s New Sounds, and was praised for it’s “serious jazz and chamber music writing” by the Boston Herald. “…If John Zorn is an exotica Picasso, O’Neill is his Georges-Braque counterpart in cubism’s transposition to music…as Braque may have been the finer cubist, O’Neill may be, in the long run, a stronger exoticist than Zorn,” says Gordon Marshall from ALL ABOUT JAZZ.

“We’re excited to finally get out west and bring something new to California listeners of creative instrumental music. ” says O’Neill. “People always ask me what style of music the Orchestrotica plays and how we define it. I tell them that we’re here to help listeners ‘find an escape’ within the precision of composed music, the ambiguity and freedom offered by jazz, and the many timbres afforded by global instruments and performance perspectives.” The group is known for presenting accessible instrumental concerts and keeping the connection between the audience and musicians fun and friendly. It’s also been praised for putting out extremely high-quality recordings, including a “9/10 for audio and music” from Michael Fremer of audiophile magazine Analog Planet.

Additional Background

Referencing the exotica of composers ranging from Tchaikovsky and Shostakovich to George Gershwin, Martin Denny, and John Adams, Mr. Ho’s Orchestrotica-as a vibraphone quintet-performs global jazz and chamber music with world-music flavors sourced from Asia, the Middle East, the Balkans, and Latin America. The quintet focuses on original music written by O’Neill (“a first-rate composer”-Huffington Post) that is highly influenced by his fifteen-year career as a multi-percussionist in symphony orchestras, jazz groups, and world music ensembles.

Prior to releasing two albums as a quintet, O’Neill had conceived of a new series of recordings dubbed the Exotica for Modern Living series, and in 2010, the group released its first album. This debut recording (“4 stars…exquisite attention to details”-Sunday London Times) featured the band’s alternate 22-pc big band formation and was entitled The Unforgettable Sounds of Esquivel. That album—which showcases O’Neill’s impeccable transcriptions of the lost space-age pop music of one-time California resident Juan Garcia Esquivel—received “4 Stars” from the Sunday London Times and was called “incredible” byDownbeat.

“No other band on the planet sounds anything remotely like Mr. Ho’s Orchestrotica,” says Lucid Culture. Get on the mailing list to get updates on their shows and events for both groups!


A Universe of Tiki Oasis 15 Info in One Orbit!


Tiki Oasis 15 “Yesterdays Future Today
August 13-16, 2015
San Diego, CA.

Tiki Oasis is the Class M hyper-giant of the Tiki scene – the biggest Tiki Weekender in the solar system!

More information, tickets, hotel info, email signup: www.tikioasis.com
2014 Festival Re-Cap and Press Links: www.reverberationsmedia.com/tiki-oasis-14-festival-recap/

August 13: Meet and Greet at Bali Hai, Shelter Island, San Diego -www.balihairestaurant.com
August 14-16: Main Event at Crown Plaza, Hotel Circle, San Diego -www.crowneplaza.com/SanDiego

Tiki Oasis is a family produced four-day Polynesian Pop lifestyle convention / party which takes place in Southern California each August, and is the only event of its’ kind on Planet Earth. Each year Tiki Oasis presents a different theme which explores, celebrates, and preserves mid-century aesthetics via entertainment, fashion, food, drink and education, while showing its’ relevancy in contemporary culture. Tiki Oasis attendees experience four days of mixology, live and dj music sets, educational, symposiums, book signings, marketplace shopping, art, burlesque, comedy, vintage cars, fashion, food, kids events, and more!

Tiki Oasis was conceived in 2001 as a fundraiser to support the rehabilitation of the mid-century Palm Springs Caliente Tropics Motel which attracted a small gathering of tikiphiles. The event, which moved to San Diego in 2006 and has grown to include two locations, three hotels, over 28 symposiums, 100 vendors, numerous sponsors, a slew of talent including live bands, disk jockeys, burlesque and go-go dancers, visual artist and carvers, guitar and ukulele instructors, vintage cars, mixology experts and well over 3000 attendees.

Tiki Oasis 15 “Yesterday’s Future Today”
This year’s Tiki Oasis Theme is “Yesterdays Future Today” The Space Age ran parallel to the Modern Primitivism of Tiki Culture. While technology propelled modern man to the moon, the common man celebrated isolated islander cultures that were equally unattainable. Tiki Oasis celebrates this mid-century take on the future. Expect to be entertained, educated and visually stimulated. Tiki Oasis attendees always go full-throttle with event theme costuming!

At Tiki Oasis 2015, Pull on your jet pack and jump into the air; grab your raygun and become a space invader; or just relax poolside soaking in the sights and sounds of your own moonage daydream.

Symposiums and Special Events…
TO15_Kelly PattersonTiki Oasis is offering over 35 Symposiums this year. Be prepared to blast off into a universe of music, mixology, yoga, dance, architecture, fashion, Science Fiction, tiki history, art, pin-up hair and make-up and a whole score of book signings! Special events include the Miss Tiki Oasis Pageant, Cigar and Rum Pairing Lounge, Tiki Oasis Beauty Bungalow and Glamour Pin-Up Packages! Special symposium educators feature the likes of original Mothers of Invention keyboardist Don Preston, Rodenberry Entertainment CEO Rod Roddenberry, legendary author and Tiki expert Sven Kirsten, mid-century historian and entertainer Charles Phoenix and many more!

Tiki Oasis 15: “Yesterday’s Future, Today” entertainment includes…

on the main stage:
man_or_astroman_lgHost: King Kukulele, Man or Astroman?, The Chocolate Watchband, Tikiyaki Orchestra, The Phenomenauts, The Phantom Surfers, Clouseaux, Fono66, The Devil-Ettes, Marina the Fire Eating Mermaid, The Neptunas, Project: Pimento, The Outta Sites, The Little Richards, The Rosalyns, The Ding Dong Devils, Diddley Daddies, The Angel and Robot Show, Point Doom, Slim Jenkins, and more!

DJs for the weekend include:
Howie Pyro, Lee Joseph, Anja and Mike Stax, Tanoa Samoa Boy, Agent Kari, El Nova, Duke Weiss, Lukino Ungawa, Johnny Bartlett, Tiki Tena & Jeff BigTikiDude, Axle, Eric Musick, Switched on Audrey, Astro 138, Jon Burchard, Nuria Alsina, Patrick Robinson, Sid Presley, Strike, Suzy Moran, Xerox, Burnie Gipson, and the crew of LuxuriaMusic.com!

TikisMarketplace Information
Tiki Oasis is the crossroads of the Tiki world. Craftsmen, artists, tinkerers, and traders haul their wares to the Oasis creating an Exotica emporium unmatched throughout the world. Many vendors create limited edition items specifically for Tiki Oasis weekend shoppers!

Tiki Oasis 2015 Art Show “Yesterday’s Future Today”…
Our 6th annual art show features over 30 top Tiki artists from around the globe. All original artwork is for sale. Meet the Tiki Oasis Artists and the 2015 Winner of the Miss Tiki Oasis Pageant, Saturday from 1-2!

TikiOasis2015ArtShowartist include:
Arnold Pander, Atomikitty, Big Toe Art, Chris Crites, Christine Benjamin, CraigR, David Krys, Dawn Frasier, Derek Yaniger, Doug Dorr, Doug Horne, Eddy Crosby, Edmund Gabriel, Erin Joy, Eric October, Harry Decker, Ken Ruzic , Kymm! Bang, Maya Rodgers, Michael Fleming , Michael Grider, Mike Mass, Norm Daniels, REESENIK, Robert Jimenez, Ryan Hungerford, Sandra Fremgen, Scott Saw, Tiki King, Tiki Pop, Tiki Tony, Vestige Photography, Woody Miller and more!

Burlesque Show – Midnight at Tiki Oasis!
Check out a cavalcade of captivating burlesque stars that are out of this world! Once you enter the Lagoon Room you will lose all sense of time and space as you are engulfed in the sights and sounds of wild burlesque dancers and frantic, primitive intoxicating sounds from Howie Pyro and on Saturday only Slim Jenkins.

Tiki Oasis 7th Annual Car Show
Two days of vintage and specialty cars, plus vendor marketplace, tiki carver village, DJs spinning, the Beauty Bungalow, and on Sunday we will feature these food trucks: Devilicious, My Urban Eats and Chubbys! The car show will feature live music from The Els A Phonics and The Millionaire Kids.

Sunday night at Tiki Oasis Garage Rock Showcase!
60s legends, The Chocolate Watchband! Also featuring The Rosalyns (all girl band!), Diddley Daddies (Mike Stax, Ugly Things Magazine), The Devil-Ettes (San Francisco), Emcee: Otto von Stroheim, Sid Presley Disc Jockeying

for times and details please visit: www.tikioasis.com

Tiki Oasis Yoga
Singalong with King Kukulele
Out of this world Fitness Class
Oblong Box Shop – Poolside Fashion Show
Tiki Oasis Bookclub: A Wrinkle in Time
Miss Tiki Oasis – Poolside Strut

Let’s Get Hip to Hula!
Tiki Oasis 2015 Booksigning with Merrell Fankhauser, Domenic Priore, Jeff Chenault, Danny Biederman, Java from Bachelor Pad, Neil Norman
7th Annual Car Show

Tiki Tots Tour with King Kukulele
Hula Hooping with Szandora
7th Annual Car Show
Uke Jam

All Weekend Long
Tiki Oasis Marketplace
2015 Pop-Up Artshow
Tiki Tot Playroom
DJ’s and Bands: Poolside, Sushi Bar, Car Show


Tiki Oasis 15 – Yesterday’s Future Today Promo Music Sampler!

Blast Off with a Promotional Only Tiki Oasis 15 Music Sampler!

Click here for download

Track listing and info below  – All artist images and more info here


Tiki Oasis 15“Yesterdays Future Today”
August 13-16, 2015
San Diego, CA.

Tiki Oasis is the Class M hyper-giant of the Tiki scene – the biggest Tiki Weekender in the solar system!

More information, tickets, hotel info, email signup: www.tikioasis.com
2014 Festival Re-Cap and Press Links: www.reverberationsmedia.com/tiki-oasis-14-festival-recap/

August 13: Meet and Greet at Bali Hai, Shelter Island, San Diego -www.balihairestaurant.com
August 14-16: Main Event at Crown Plaza, Hotel Circle, San Diego -www.crowneplaza.com/SanDiego


THE OFFICIAL TIKI OASIS 15 MUSIC SAMPLER! Note – this is a not-for-sale compilation put together to promote the bands playing at Tiki Oasis 15!

Click here for download


The Tikiyaki Orchestra

1 Mai Tais on the Moon – The Tikiyaki Orchestra
Southern California’s premier exotica band, the world famous Tikiyaki Orchestra returns to Tiki Oasis after three years , bringing with them a stellar new lineup, AND a brand new, long awaited fourth album, (their 4th) which will available for the first time at the TO15 “Blast Off” party, Thursday night at The Bali Hai. Performing along with Tikiyaki, is the always amazing Marina the Fire Eating Mermaid.

2 Expo 2000 – The Chocolate Watch Band
Seminal garage band the Chocolate Watchband formed in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1965, making their name locally with a distinctive blend of Anglicised R&B and pure punk raunch. Produced by Ed Cobb, the groups vintage recordings combined this influence with a prominent psychedelic edge across a handful of spectacular singles and three cherished albums. The current line-up features original members Aguilar, Andrijasevich and Abbott, alongside CWB archivist Palao, and as a major bonus, Daryl Hooper, keyboard player and founder member of another legendary garage rock combo, The Seeds. And part of the new Chocolate Watchband show will be devoted to songs made famous by the Seeds.



3 Astronautilus – FONO66
4 Ready Steady Die! – FONO66
Fono66 is the exotic sound of “Primodica”— an intoxicating blend of Primitive and Modern tones that provide a unique soundtrack for the modern Exotica enthusiast who has outgrown the ordinary. Erupting forth from the fires of creation, four Space-Age Primordials, Nick Walusko, Todd Jaeger, Joel Domantay and Chris Reccardiexplore a sonic landscape that pulsates with the earthy rhythms of the primitive past and glistens with the electronic ambience of a utopian future, instantly transporting the listener from from lost exotic worlds through the far reaches of the cosmos.

5 Paraiso – Clouseaux
6 Search for Vulcan – Clouseaux
“Set bongos on stun, Mr. Spock” says writer Gregg Barr of the Houston Press. “A little bit lounge, a little bit exotica, a whole lot of noir, and they’re absolutely spectacular” says Koop Kooper of Cocktail Nation. “It’s great music to *&!% to ” says Jello Biafra. Clouseaux’s “Beyond Good and Evil” is possibly the most sophisiticated neo-exotica album of our time says Bjorn Werkmann of Ambient Exotica. If you didn’t catch them at Tiki Oasis 3, Tiki Farm’s Big ole Tiki Bash, or Vegas’ Mondo Atomic Frolic, don’t fret! Clouseaux is rocketing straight out of Space City back to Tiki Oasis 15 to leave you pleasantly refreshed and alive with pleasure.


Man or Astroman

7 Spferic Waves – Man or Astroman
Man or Astro-man? have returned to Earth and unveiled their finest recorded work to date. Defcon 5…4…3…2…1 is here now with 􀂃 striking validity that the band is unquestionably as both tuneful and energetic as they ever have been. The record combines ever-familiar Astro audio tones and the well-established playing ferocity that the band is known for, but yet now, there is an undeniably evolution to the band that is both intuitive, logical and well crafted. Man or Astro-man? has arrived in the present (and future, of course) with imminent purpose. And of course, they still bring an over-the-top, sensory overloaded show, which has always gained them reputation for always being an undisputedly amazing band to see live.

8 Caped Crusader – Jason Lee and the R.I.P. Tides
Known for his live group, Jason Lee & the R.I.P.Tides, and his countless number of tutorial Surf Guitar You Tube videos. Jason Lee has spread the instructional bug all over the world to help keep the kulture of Surf Guitar Music alive.

9 Bama Lama, Bama Loo – The Little Richards
San Diego’s The Little Richards – fiercely and lovingly cover songs by Little Richard and feature El Vez on guitar and vocals!

The Ding Dong Devils

The Ding Dong Devils

10 Ku vs. The Space Monster – The Ding Dong Devils
11 Marooned On Space Atoll 3 – The Ding Dong Devils
The Ding Dong Devils began life as a fully formed tiki band. Borrowing heavily from all the various genres that were popular within the aloha culture such as surf, exotica, strip tease, rockabilly and bachelor pad swing, the band added their own sense of fun and adventure and started cranking out original ditties that celebrate all the various facets of island culture… as viewed by modern hipsters. The latest album, Space Fezcapade, is the group’s orbital spin on what music might be like on board a ship headed for Alpha Centauri with a rum soaked crew of crazy cats and kittens.

12 Let Yourself Go – The Outta Sites
The Outta Sites are an exciting new band in the style of the 1960’s British Invasion rock and roll featuring melodic harmonies, twangy guitar, groovy organ, and crazy dance moves all to a driving back beat. The Outta Sites have released two albums on vinyl and cd to wide acclaim with radio airplay across both Europe and the U.S. Their much talked about performances and success of their albums have generated numerous opportunities to take their high-energy show on the road and perform for large crowds at several festivals across the United States and Europe.

13 Dream In My Mind – The Rosalyns
The Rosalyns are an exciting, authentic homage to the girl garage sound of the ‘60s. This glamorously outfitted combo features members of the Loons, the Schitzophonics, the Gore Gore Girls, Gloomsday and the New Kinetics, and have been wowing audiences up and down the West Coast with their dance floor filling sounds. Their debut EP, Hide & Seek, scored rave reviews across the planet. These fabulous femme fatales can’t wait to sock their fuzzed-out go-go sounds to the denizens of the Tiki Oasis.

14 La Llorona avec claves – Phantom Surfers
The Phantom Surfers have been foisting off Instrumental “Music” since before the Big Bang and the invention of Pop Rocks. Originally formed in 1988 as a Hawkwind tribute band, the lads quickly realized that that Outer Space related songs paid way too much money, and quickly shifted to the far less popular “Surf” genre. The ensuing years showed the band fruitlessly chasing trends such as Slot Car music, Movie Theme Music, and X Rated comedy, as well as becoming acclaimed authors of a singularly well received and poor selling book on Rock Stardom.

15 Star Trek – Project: Pimento
San Francisco’s finest lounge-tenders mix up a passionate elixir of rhythmic suavity set to sound. Sultry female vocals are backed up by a tight jazz combo, including a smooth theremin that takes the mood from the early ‘60s to outer space. Fogged in velvet, hopped on hep, and buying this round.

16 Hot Tubes – Point Doom
Point Doom features three old timers who have been playing for longer than they care to admit. These ignominious poltroons have played in bands such as: The Sea Hunters, The Phantom Surfers, and get this, Sky Saxon and the Seeds! They have risen in the past several years to be the top surf act in Ventura County, playing at such prestigious venues as The Hong Kong Inn ( headlining OVER the Polynesian revue!!), and The Golden China Open Mic night.

17 Albufera Stomp – Els A Phonics
Mediterrani Beat Guitars! A-Phonics es una banda valenciana de surf formada en 2009 por exmiembros de grupos como CHEWBACCA’S, PILDORA X y ViBRANTS.

Comienzan a tocar en festivales como Surforama, Ubangi Stomp o Funtastic rememorando el repertorio de clásicos del surf como The Ventures, The Shadows, o The Astronauts. En 2010 son fichados por Sleazy Records y debutan con el ep vinilo “Mediterranean Beat Guitars” donde demuestran, en composiciones propias, el gusto por el surf clásico orientado hacia la vertiente sonora del mediterraneo.

18 Callhoun Surf -Millionaire Beach Bums
Four San Diego kids, ages 12-14, who started playing gigs together in 2013. Don’t let their ages fool you! They specialize in surf rock music… and know how to crank up the reverb to get people on their feet!! They have surf in their souls and love playing all your favorite tunes such as Wipeout, Mr. Moto, Miserlou, and Pipeline. They also shred some rock classics like Santana’s Black Magic Woman; and they have our own killer originals too!


The Phenomenauts

19 Broken Robot Jerk – The Phenomenauts
Shortly after landing on the planet Earth, the galaxy roving Phenomenauts became famous for commando performances on the streets. They’d show up with a battery pack outside of a venue, punch out a few blistering tunes for the people in line and split before security showed up to drive them off. In 2002 they crashed the backstage barriers of Van’s Warped Tour to “steal” some stage time. They were officially invited to join Van’s in 2003, impressing fans with their energetic live show, a production that original robotic guitarist JoeBot 1.0’s Theramatic Helmerator, a wireless Theremin head set that created Sci-Fi sounds reminiscent of old Star Trek episodes and the Streamerator, manned by Professor Greg Arius, a device that blasts rolls of toilet paper out into the crowd.

20 Barbarella – Project Pimento
21 Jealous Astronaut – Phantom Surfers

22 Dig Thee Phantom 5ive – The Neptunas
It was a way, way back in the summer of ’94, down in the city of Long Beach, that the Neptunas debuted their sliced-n-diced version of Garage Rock and Surf Instrumental to the world. And, like the well-oiled plastic gears of a finely-crafted Ronco device, they julienne and puree whatever notions one has about girl bands, surf music, and rock ‘n’ roll in general.


Tiki Oasis is a family produced four-day Polynesian Pop lifestyle convention / party which takes place in Southern California each August, and is the only event of its’ kind on Planet Earth. Each year Tiki Oasis presents a different theme which explores, celebrates, and preserves mid-century aesthetics via entertainment, fashion, food, drink and education, while showing its’ relevancy in contemporary culture. Tiki Oasis attendees experience four days of mixology, live and dj music sets, educational, symposiums, book signings, marketplace shopping, art, burlesque, comedy, vintage cars, fashion, food, kids events, and more!

Tiki Oasis 15 “Yesterday’s Future Today”
This year’s Tiki Oasis Theme is “Yesterdays Future Today” The Space Age ran parallel to the Modern Primitivism of Tiki Culture. While technology propelled modern man to the moon, the common man celebrated isolated islander cultures that were equally unattainable. Tiki Oasis celebrates this mid-century take on the future. Expect to be entertained, educated and visually stimulated. Tiki Oasis attendees always go full-throttle with event theme costuming!

At Tiki Oasis 2015, Pull on your jet pack and jump into the air; grab your raygun and become a space invader; or just relax poolside soaking in the sights and sounds of your own moonage daydream.


Orbit the Tiki Oasis 15 Vendor Markeplace!


Tiki Oasis 15 “Yesterday’s Future Today” Marketplace
Prepare your retro-rockets to orbit over 100 out-of-this-world vendors selling hand-crafted Tiki art, vintage clothing, trinkets and more!

Tiki Oasis 15 Marketplace is FREE and open to the public unless noted otherwise!
Friday August 14th – Sunday 16th Only!
located at the Crowne Plaza, San Diego
2270 Hotel Cir N, San Diego, CA 92108

Indoor Marketplace Preview
Friday: 3:00 PM – 8:00 PM (Upstairs LOFT opening til 9pm!)
3 Ballrooms in the Grand Hanalei Conference Center

Indoor Marketplace Preview & the Friday Sip n’ Shop
Friday: 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Poolside Vending Suites
Please Note: Tickets, Wristbands, or Passes are required to attend this event

Tiki Oasis Marketplace
Saturday – Sunday: 10:00AM – 4:00PM Sat/ 5:00PM Sun
Outdoor Courtyard & Grand Hanalei Conference Center

Car Show & Marketplace
Saturday – Sunday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Parking Lot

The Beauty Bungalow
Friday – Sunday: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Parking Lot Bungalows

Featured Vendors!

Aloha Texas Tiki Co.
A Pin Up’s Closet
Bachelor Pad Magazine
Badland Beads
Bamboo Ben
BigToe Art
Bombshell Betty
Boney Betty
Cal Soul
Cat Scratch Clothing
Christine Benjamin Art & Design
Clever Vintage Clothing
Crazy Al
Culture Cove Gallery
Danger Factory
Desire Magneto
Dionysus Records & Featured Entertainment
Donnaland Vintage Variety
Eric October
Fables by Barrie
Fancy Fruits
Fly Tahiti
Flying Shaka
Fox and Doll
Frog Island Tikis
Gecko’z South Seas Arts
Good Rockin’ Daddy
Goons from Goonsville
Grass Shack Traders
Grider Co.
Hawaiian Lei Bath and Body
Hula Moon Swimsuit Company
Johnnie Velour Ceramics
Jungle Modern Ceramics
Katt Mercy Designs
Kona Clive Tiki
Kustom Lane Gallery
Laurel Canyon 1969
Little Lost Tiki
Local Flavour
Lost Tiki Island
Love For Flowers
Lucky Mango
Lux de Ville
M Frank M Carvings
Mahalo Tiki
Mele Tiki Guys
Mikel Parton “MP”
Mimsy B’s Kitsch Korner
Mr. California
Mr. Smiley
Ms. Formaldehyde
MTKAHUNA Vintage Polynesia
Mustache Mike’s Italian Ice Cart
My Baby Jo
NORM Daniels
OB Tiki
Oblong Box Shop
Organic Jewelry By Allie
Panda and Me
Pop Culture Explosion
Popular Naughty
Poster Pop
Record Shop
Red Belles Boutique
Replay Vintage Sunglasses
Retro Ruthie
Reverend Ray’s Relics
Rock Steady
Romantic Rock
Shellback Caribbean Rum
Smokin’ Tikis
So. Cal Vintage Trailer
Stiletto Pin Up Cosmetics
Sweet Siren Designs
Switched on Designs
Taboo Island
Tahiti Joe’s Hot Sauces
Tara Cajmonet
Temptress Fashion
The Art of Doug Horne
Thor Art
Tiki Beat
Tiki Bongos
Tiki Broker
Tiki Clay Lounge and Ceramic Designs
Tiki Diablo
Tiki King
Tiki Oasis Merchandise
Tiki Paws
Tiki Rob
Tiki Swag
Tiki tOny
Trixie’s Tiki Togs
Unique Vintage
Vintage Gal Boutique
Vintage Surf Natural Bamboo Frames
Viva Dulce Marina
Woody Miller

Dionysus Records Release Parties at Pappy’s and BAR

 Jesika von Rabbit and Voodoo Organist celebrate the release of their new Dionysus albums  at Pappy & Harriet’s and BAR in July

Thursday, July 9, 9 PM at Pappy & Harriet’s in Pioneertown:
53688 Pioneertown Rd, Pioneertown, CA 92268, (760) 365-5956 www.pappyandharriets.com
Tickets at this link
Saturday, July 11,  10 PM at BAR in Palm Springs:
340 N Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92262 (760) 537-7337 www.barwastaken.com

Dionysus Records announces the release of two hi-desert area artists on vinyl: Jesika von Rabbit ”Journey Mitchell” (Dionysus Records ID1233164) and Voodoo Organist “Organ Voodoo” (Dionysus Records ID1233160). Both artists will celebrate the release of their albums at the renown Pappy and Harriet’s in Pioneertown on Thursday, July 9, and at BAR in downtown Palm Springs on Saturday, July 11. Albums and other merchandise will be available at both shows.

Winner of Best Front Woman at the 2015 Coachella Valley Weekly (CV Weekly) Music Awards, Jesika von Rabbit along with Todd Rutherford formed cult favorite Gram Rabbit releasing several well-received albums, netting a long list of television and film licensees, and playing successful string of shows including a main stage appearance at Coachella. Taking a break from Gram Rabbit and armed with a stockpile of songs celebrating her love of electronics, von Rabbit has created and released her first solo album;, a playful, poppy, and psychedelic ‘adult theme park-pop’ experience titled ”Journey Mitchell”.

“… Part pop princess parody, part desert gypsy, Jesika takes us on a strange trip. Journey Mitchell, is laden with new wave influenced synths, keyboard melodics and infectious dance beats… Jesika von Rabbit wants to penetrate and disturb you. The undercurrent of Gothic industrial baselines, ghostly echoes and Jesika’s hallowing voice, leaves resin in your system that will bewitch you long after the music fades.”- Coachella Magazine

“Organ Voodoo” is the exotic, hypnotic, erotic, and rhapsodic ninth album by Scott Wexton a/k/a Voodoo Organist in which he leaves behind the rough-edged blues, rock, punk, goth and vaudevillian industrial sounds of previous releases and sails into the seductive Space Age sounds of exotica. The album is influenced by his love of exotica, lounge, and space-age pop music and was inspired by artists such as Sir Julian, Enoch Light, and Martin Denny (who he shares a birthday with).

In the mid ’90s Wexton left his Detroit home for the Music City—Nashville, TN—to work with Amphetamine Reptile noise legends Today Is the Day. He eventually moved to California and ended up in the Mojave Desert. He began performing as the Voodoo Organist in 2001, has self-released several albums, and played over 800 shows nationwide to the delight of fans and press.

The first run of von Rabbit’s LP is pressed on clear vinyl and includes a vinyl only bonus track. The first run of Voodoo Organist’s LP is pressed on red vinyl. Both contain a free digital download. Dionysus Records is distributed by ILD www.ildistro.com.




Shag Menu Signing Tonga Hut Palm Springs

Tonga Hut Palm Springs kicks off the season with a special Shag Menu Signing Event!

Shag signs the new Tonga Hut Palm Springs menu
MENU1Friday, October 3
Shag signing at 6 PM Sharp
DJ Lee until 11
Tonga Hut remains open until 2 AM

Tonga Hut Palm Springs
254 N Palm Canyon Dr,
Palm Springs, California 92262
(760) 322-4449

$25 includes a menu and drink coupon

SHAG will be in the house signing his newly designed Tonga Hut drink menus. There will a limited amount available. Get there early; first come first served!

DJ Lee (LuxiruaMusic.com, Dionysus Records) will be spinning a selection of exotica and mid-century sounds from vintage vinyl!

Tonga Hut brings to Palm Springs a classic American mid-century Polynesian themed restaurant / bar in a tiki-modern setting, with full appetizer, dinner and cocktail menus.Tonga Hut Palm Springs is the offspring of the Tonga Hut North Hollywood, Opening its’ doors in 1958 during the heyday of tiki culture in Southern California, Tonga Hut is the oldest surviving tiki bar in Los Angeles.

Tonga Hut Palm Springs has been lovingly decorated by artist Tiki Diablo and Chase Marshall (Beauty Bar in L.A. and Cobra Lounge in NYC) with vintage items as well as contemporary contributions from many artists in the tiki community including Leroy Schmaltz from Oceanic Arts, Eric October, Bosko, Kirby, Nelson’s Tiki Hut and “Mad Dog” Mike Gilbert.

Tonga Hut’s menu offers classic Polynesian/Cantonese/American dishes, like you might have found at Don the Beachcomber on old Palm Canyon Drive in the Rat Pack era. The cocktail menu contains more than 40 drinks including classic cocktails, classic tiki drinks as well as numerous original drinks including some that are exclusive to the Palm Springs location.

DJ Lee Joseph heads up the “independent underground” label Dionysus Records, which has specialized in the retro sounds of surf, exotica, garage rock, rockabilly and psychedelia since the mid ‘80s, and has a weekly show called “Over Under Sideways Down” on the mid-century centric LuxuriaMusic.com internet radio station. He has held numerous club residences in Los Angeles, and DJs at the yearly Tiki Oasis event in San Diego. “DJ Lee” brings to Tonga Hut Palm Springs a deep knowledge and collection of era appropriate music from lounge and exotica to French Ye Ye, surf to soul and other “swinging” sounds from the 1950s -1970s, on vinyl of course!

Tonga Hut Palm Springs Facebook Page
Tonga Hut North Hollywood Facebook Page
Tonga Hut North Hollywood Twitter
Tonga Hut Palm Springs Twitter


July 4 – 27: Brad Tiki Shark Parker Red Tiki Lounge

Brad “Tiki Shark” Parker “Red Tiki Lounge”
part of a two-person show at La Luz de Jesus Gallery

Damian Fulton and Brad “Tiki Shark” Parker
July 4-July 27, 2014
Artist Reception: Friday, July 4 8-11 PM
Featuring Live Performance
by The Insect Surfers at 9 PM
Sponsored by Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum

Online Gallery Preview to begin June 27

LaLuzBradParkerRedTikiLoungeLa Luz de Jesus Gallery
4633 Hollywood Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 666-7667

Brad “Tiki Shark” Parker
“Red Tiki Lounge”

Brad Parker paints “Low Brow Art” about Modern Tiki Culture. He does so from the most remote land mass in the world: the Big Island of Hawaii. “When you live on an active volcano, you learn to make sacrifices.” The artist doesn’t mean throwing virgins into the volcano, but rather his move from the fast lane of Hollywood to the slower pace of the small seaside town of Kailua-Kona.

In doing so, Brad quickly became the king of Polynesian Pop Art, and his work is routinely selected by Hawaiian officials to represent Tiki culture to the world. His art is a staple in the surf world, where he’s partnered with Body Glove, and he’s had sell-out exhibitions in Los Angeles, Honolulu, and Dubai.

Parker’s “Red Tiki Lounge” combines the paint stroke of old Flemish masters with counter culture subject matter from a childhood of adoring comic books, cartoons, and Universal monster movies. This show features skate decks, beach towels, pencil sketches and paintings, and we’ll be celebrating July 4th with BBQ and a live band. Brad will be present at his opening reception to sign cards, calendars and prints.

laLuzBradParker_Two Tikis 42LaLuzBradParkerBodyGloveSeaCreature












Brad Parker on his involvement in the “Keiki Surf for the Earth Event in Hawaii

During this Keiki Surf for the Earth (beach clean up and surf contest for kids under 14) “Save the “Pine Trees” surf beach spot for puvblic use and not resort development” event I got to meet a really nice old timer…. kind of a wise, respected, Hawaiian elder. Much to my surprise, we got into a a deep metaphysical dialog and discussion about my Tiki-Art, and why I had changed my life and was here, living on the active volcano called the Big Island, and why I was painting such things as “Tikis”. His name is Angel Pilago, he was the Councilman in the Big Island’s North Kona’s District 8 till he retired. Now, he acts in an unofficial, advisory role to such folks as Big Island surfer and Mayor Billy Kenoi and Hawaii Governor Neil Ambercrombie.

It was a real moment for me to hear years Hawaiian culture wisely expounded to me profoundly, thoughtful, and sincerely from this small, wizened old Hawaiian wizard, and why the island was important, – important to me, – and to me making da’ “Tiki-Art”! “Hmmmm! Yes…. “Tiki-Art” you shall be painting, yes. Yes.”




Some Tiki Oasis 13 Press – Get Ready for Tiki Oasis 14!

Links to press and video from last year’s Tiki Oasis 13!

Tiki Oasis Art Show

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Tiki Oasis festival embraces Hawaiian Hootenanny theme
in San Diego


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