“Lee Joseph did an outstanding job in getting the word out for Don Tiki’s Hot Lava Holiday Show at the LA Phil/Walt Disney Concert Hall.

In a world of over-hyped PR, ahem, BS, Lee knows how to pique the interest of the media with just the right tone and essential info. He was able to reel in great coverage for our LA debut by using his strong contacts in mainstream, alternative, and social media. Han Hou (encore)!”

– Lloyd “Fluid Floyd” Kandell, President of TABOO, Incwww.dontiki.com

“When I hired Lee Joseph as a publicist, I was mainly looking for someone to keep an eye on the art scene and work towards getting the art scene’s eye on me, but Lee doesn’t watch the scene, he lives it. The emails and press releases he sends, the phone-calls and inquiries he makes—these are a function of any publicist.  In Lee’s case, they augment a hands-on personal approach that draws on decades of experience in the music business: a mixture of old-fashioned informality and the kind of real backing needed to punch through apathy and saturation in an age of information overload. 
What drives Lee Joseph is a personal commitment to and belief in the client, on the clock or off, that plays itself out through all manner of openings, parties, galas, workshops, and the requisite 2AM chats with gallery owners, among others.   Lee has that rare capacity to generate concrete results in an organic, word-of-mouth-driven manner, to develop that elusive brand of publicity otherwise known as “buzz. “

– Artist Heather Watts

“We have been working with Lee Joseph for five years. During that time our event has grown almost 10% each year.

Lee Joseph’s wide array of media contacts and creative and insightful ways of pitching every aspect of our event has resulted in increased publicity each year.

It has been invaluable to have Lee involved before, during and after the event. We can relax a little knowing that Lee is thinking about how to promote our event before the event is launched and providing us with a clear line of sight on our target audiences. During the event lee has provided hands on assistance such as handling press contacts, coordinating on-site interviews, and overseeing event photography. After the event Lee documents and archives the resulting publicity.”

– Otto von Stroheim – Tiki Oasis

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