Jasmine Worth “Blood and Tears” at La Luz de Jesus 8/5

Jasmine Wort

Jasmine Worth

Jasmine Worth  “Blood and Tears”
Juan Muniz & Jasmine Worth with Special Guests Maryrose Crook, Michael Murphy, and Bunnie Reiss

August 5-28, 2016
Opening Reception, Friday August 5, 8-11 PM
La Luz de Jesus Gallery
4633 Hollywood Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90027


Jasmine Worth is a San Diego based oil painter with a purely feminine sensibility within a truly Gothic milieu. Her exhibitions have all sold out since first featuring at La Luz de Jesus Gallery six years ago, following multiple group show inclusions from the seminal Kitschen Sync to Laluzapalooza.

Worth creates depictions of the symbolic and surreal using techniques and imagery of classical painting. Worth draws on personal experiences that parallel the larger cultural experience, the subconscious being a gateway for commentary on the world around her. The seamless blending of the iconic with the visceral blurs the line between what is sacred and what is profane.

In “Blood & Tears”, Worth explores the realm of suffering as symbolized through blood and tears, substances heavily associated with the feminine. The use of re-appropriated spiritual imagery often found in Worth’s pieces continues in her latest collection, weaving a cohesive narrative through past and current works. Each body of work is a branch of a central theme: the damage wreaked by a world consumed with consuming and the triumph of those who seek a different path. This message can be seen in the obvious wounds sustained by her central characters and their startling resilience. The message being only when we realize that the earth and people are not possessions to be exploited can we begin to heal.

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