2/2: Click Mort 1954-2017 Posthumorous / Post Mort ’em

Click Mort 1954-2017
Posthumorous / Post Mort ’em

Showing with Pool y Marianela and Dan Barry
Exhibition: February 2-25
Reception: Fri. Feb. 2, 8-11 PM
La Luz de Jesus Gallery
4633 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Artist Christopher Doran, aka Click Mort, used to leave oddly shaped, altered toys on the shelves of stores in Los Feliz. He began purchasing ceramics off the internet, painstakingly “dismember” them then put them back together in what he called a “recapitiation”, turning the once cute figurines into a surreal, almost deranged mini-sculptures.

Click passed away last October. He was a native of Los Angeles, was a musician who played with The Cramps for a few months and later, The Loafin’ Hyenas but for most of his musical “career”, played solo, at home…


Click Mort was more than just an artist on our roster. He was a dear friend,” says Matt Kennedy, the gallery’s director. La Luz de Jesus also published Doran’s book, The World’s Best Loved Art Treasures. Director James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy), a collector of Doran’s work, wrote in the book’s introduction: “The thing that represents my soul best of all is an alligator’s body with a little nurse girl’s head on it. At least one person in the world — namely Click — finds that lovely. I know he does because he spent countless hours crafting it. – Matt Kennedy, Gallery director, La Luz de Jesus as quoted in Catherine Wagley’s article about Click for the LA Weekly


The artist born Christopher Doran had been working toward his final exhibition when he succumbed to illness in October, 2017. Posthumorous is a posthumous exhibition of ALL of his remaining sculptures, many of which have never before been seen. Click’s arthritis got the best of him towards the end, making it difficult for him to continue creating his art though he lived longer than expected by cleaning up from drug addiction. It was during his clean phase that he created most of his tiny masterpieces.


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