Vanity Projects Residency at Pehrspace March 28-April 25

Vanity Projects Residency at Pehrspace
A month of art and music events curated by Geoff Geis / Vanity Projects
March 28-April 25


325 Glendale Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Geoff Geis has been an active contributor to LA’s vast and varied underground scene for the past decade as a musician, artist, and correspondent for LA Record and other publications. Geis’ boutique cassette label Vanity Projects is in charge of curating the art and music for Pehrspace from March 28-April 25.

Geis has built the month around friendship and collaboration, reaching out to people who have made the community so rich over the years.

Events include a one-night only revival of the long-standing Sean Carnage Mondays series that ended last year, a Craft Night with the people behind the LA Zine Fest, a new installment of the absurdist variety show Charm School, an Easter Karaoke and potluck, and musical performances by acts including So Many Wizards, Emily Lacy, Signor Benedick the Moor, Spooks, Ghost Noise, Sweet Bump it, a reunited Big Whup, and more. Large, colorful, and abstract works by artists Anne-Louise Ewen, Ghost Ghost Teeth, and Nora Quinn will adorn the walls for the entirety of the residency.

Facbook (main) even page
SoundCloud playlist

All events start at 9pm
Opening reception
Monday, March 28
Free/All Ages

The first 25 attendees will receive a cassette single (with digital download) by Geoff Geis including exclusive material unavailable elsewhere.


Anne-Louise Ewen
anne louise ewenLos Angeles-based artist and designer Anne-Louise Ewen has been creating artwork professionally since 1994 when she graduated from an arts-focused magnet boarding school in Louisiana and moved to Paris, France. A Faulknerian childhood in the Deep South strengthened her resolve to bring art into existence instead of waiting for it to come to her.

She invents processes and explores unconventional uses of media to discover beauty and to create paintings that bear evidence of the physical actions she takes as well as the less predictable contributions of time and space. This evidence, she says, puts her in conspiracy with what happened at its creation.

In the series of paintings I’m creating now, titled The Cooling, Calming Night, (for Geoff Geis’ Vanity Projects Residency at Pehrspace), wanted to expand the boundaries of freedom in my work by painting directly on raw, unstretched canvas and to dare myself to create exquisiteness in increasingly experimental ways, using resin and various media, including acrylic ink, charcoal and gold sign paint. – Anne-Louise Ewen

Vietnamese American artist Simon Tran, a.k.a. ghost ghost teeth, creates internal landscapes that allude to a certain cultural hybridity. Tran uses the language of abstraction to reference rainbow herbicides–Agent Orange being the most widely known– used during the Vietnam War. He creates lush jungle landscapes have a viral nature to them. He paints topographical hard edged organic shapes commingle with sweeping gestural marks that create a visceral experience.

Though he was located for a long time in Long Beach, Tran has recently moved to Berkeley where he attends UC and is represented by the Compound gallery. It was in Berkeley that he created the works on display during the Vanity Projects residency.

nora quinnNora Quinn
Nora Quinn’s creations are part Keith Haring, part Lisa Frank, and full of every color in the rainbow. Her mixed media formations are made by chopping and reassembling digital prints, painted textures, found colors and glittery pieces into their own sparkling, gem-like motifs.

Born in Philadelphia, Nora comes from a background in Graphic Design and Textiles. She continues to approach art from multiple disciplines in an effort to envelope her audience in pigmented particles as a welcome assault on the senses.




geoff geisGeoff Geis (ex-Pizza!, Big Whup)
Geoff Geis, who curated the Vanity Projects Residency at Pehrspace, has participated in a variety of LA musical projects including prog-punk virtuosos Pizza!, newly reunited indie pop rockers Big Whup, and as the bassist for a short time in dreampunk band So Many Wizards. Although he rarely plays live as a solo artist, his recordings have garnered him a large international digital fanbase on sites including SoundCloud, on which he has accumulated more than 1.2 million followers worldwide and through which he has collaborated with artists as far-flung as Tokyo.

coup pigeonsCoup Pigeons

and DJ Taylor of KXLU’s the Windmills of Your Mind





Other events upcoming:

Monday, March 30
Sean Carnage Presents Hot Fudge Mondae
$5/All Ages

Friday, April 3
First Fridays with Eli and Mary,
featuring Dawn of Sequins, Crown Plaza, Ghost Noise, and Sweet Bump It
$5/ All Ages

Monday, April 6
LA Zine Fest Craft night
Free / All Ages

Friday, April 10
Vanity Projects and Playtime Posse Compilation Release Party
$5 / All Ages
The first 50 attendees receive a free compilation CD including a variety of local musicians

Saturday, April 11
Disco Cisco’s Charm School
$5/ All Ages

Saturday, April 18
Vanity Projects presents Bür Gür, Eye Seas, Le Cos, & lilacs
$5 / All Ages

Sunday, April 19
A night curated by DM Collins

Saturday, April 25
Big Whup Reunion and Residency Closing

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