Tiki Oasis: A Trip to the Tropics

August 3-7, 2022
San Diego, CA

Event: TIKI OASIS – Trip to the Tropics
Website: www.tikioasis.com
Date: August 3 – 7, 2022
Location: Town and Country Resort, 
500 Hotel Circle North, San Diego, CA 92108
Media Contact: Lee Joseph, Reverberations Media

  • Media photos, interview opportunities, and press credentials are provided upon request. 
  • Scroll down for a quick list of performers and DJs,
  • Tiki Oasis Art Show and Marketplace are FREE and open to the public the weekend of the event. Check out the Marketplace vendor list at this link – Art Show artist info at this link
  • Seminar tickets are available ala carte without an event pass!

Tiki Oasis is the original and largest Tiki event in the world. Enjoy five nights and four days of live music, pool lounging, fashion shows, swanky suites, sunset dinners, disc jockeys, art exhibits, educational seminars, busting Tiki Marketplace, and tropical cocktails curated by top mixologists and so much more!

This year, Tiki Oasis celebrates the Caribbean Islands and their influence on Tiki subculture with Tiki Oasis: A Trip to the Tropics. When we think of Tiki subculture, we think of Polynesia, but the influence of the Caribbean — from its tropical flavors, rum, dance, and Mid-Century upbeat music — has also shaped the Polynesian Pop scene we know today.

This year’s theme will be explored through educational seminars, literature, movies, and entertainment from live bands, dancers, and disc jockeys. 

Tiki Oasis will explore the flavors of the Caribbean islands with seminars, tastings, and cocktail sampling. Agriculture from the Bahamas to Trinidad includes sugarcane, bananas, coffee, tobacco, citrus, and cacao. These flavors influenced the creation of classic tropical cocktails such as the Puerto Rican Piña Colada, Panama’s Bird of Paradise Fizz, and the Jamaican Planter’s Punch, all of which influenced what we now call “Tiki Drinks.”

Tiki Oasis will also celebrate the music and dance of the region. The original Afro-Caribbean music of Trinidad known as Calypso is authentic island music and was an early influence on Jamaican Rocksteady, Ska, and early Reggae. The dance styles are often described as fluid, sensual, and rhythmic. Popular vibrant dances included the mambo, rumba, and merengue that borrow and riff from mixing African, European, and indigenous cultures. 

Tiki Oasis is being held at Town and Country Resort. Family-owned since it was built as a 40-room roadside lodge in 1953, Town and Country, Mission Valley’s first hotel, underwent major expansions in 1968 and 1969. In honor of Town and Country’s history and mid-century roots, the hotel completed a $70 million dollar renovation in 2020 and has been re-imagined into a modern retreat unlike any other hotel in San Diego!

Tiki Oasis is an All-Inclusive Event

Our event prides itself on being all-inclusive; everyone is welcome to join in on the fun! At Tiki Oasis, we make a concerted effort to ensure all our attendees feel valued, safe, and free to be their most authentic selves. We are committed to creating a culture of inclusion where differences are both appreciated and respected, via our

The Core Values of Tiki Oasis

  • Tiki Oasis is a family-run small business. Our core values are a reflection of who we are.
  • Tiki Oasis promotes equality, diversity, and inclusion; we empower marginalized groups and encourage social justice through dialogue and action.
  • Tiki Oasis promotes education and the sharing of ideas and knowledge, we believe in the historic preservation of American Pop Culture through the lens of modern-day values.
  • Tiki Oasis promotes sustainable practices with a deep commitment to conservation and positive choices that support the health of our planet.

Musical performers
Bovver Street Scorchas, Hale’iwa Island Trio, IXTAHUELE, Jackie Mendez band, Los Pakalolos, Martini Kings, Messer Chups, Par Avion, Surfer Joe, The Aggrolites, The Amalgamated with guest Sugar , Brown, The Bomboras, The Capsouls with guest Tony Greene, The Go Go Gorillas, The Intoxicats, The Surfrajettes, The Volcanics, The Wyld Gooms, Thea Triffid

After School Special, Astro 138, Bubblegum OD, CK Smart, DJ Nuria, Domenic Priore, Elizabeth Mix it Up, Eric Musick, Great Gallaspy, Junor Francis, Lee Joseph, Lucky Ritz Eric Reedy, Madame X, Mahalo Matt, Marv Mack, Mike & Anja Stax, Samoa Boy, Shangri-La, The Garage Volcano with DJ Dirt Chylde, Tony Sanchez, Trojan Lounge, Tropicana Joe, Zombierella


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