Tiki Oasis 16 Marketplace and Car Show!


Tiki Oasis 16: Party on Monster Island, San Diego, CA August 18-21, 2016
Tiki Oasis 16 Marketplace, Car Show
and Art Show info!

Tiki Oasis 16
August 18: Bali Hai, Shelter Island
August 19-21 Crowne Plaza, Hotel Circle

Though the four-day weekend tickets are sold out, there are free and open to the public events such as the Tiki Oasis 16 Marketplace, Car Show, and Art Show! There will be some tickets available at the door for the Sunday Night closing party.

Tiki Oasis is the crossroads of the Tiki world. Craftsmen, artists, tinkerers, and traders haul their wares to Tiki Oasis creating an Exotica emporium unmatched throughout the world. Many vendors create limited edition items specifically for the Tiki Oasis weekend shoppers. You can also find new and vintage clothing, vinyl records, house furniture and accoutrements, and much more!

Tiki Oasis 16 “Party on Monster Island” Marketplace, Car Show, Art Show Schedule

Friday, August 19th
Indoor Marketplace Preview/Beauty Bungalow
Time: 3:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Location: Kona Coast, Lahaina, & Grand Pacific, Crowne Plaza
Note: Grand Pacific open until 9PM!

Friday Sip n’ Shop
Time: 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Location: Poolside Vending Suites, Crowne Plaza

Please Note: Tickets are required to attend the Indoor Marketplace Preview & the Friday Sip n’ Shop

The Marketplace is open to the public on Saturday and Sunday!
Schdedule: Saturday, August 20 – Sunday, August 21
Crowne Plaza, Hotel Circle, San Diego, CA.

Indoor Marketplace/Beauty Bungalow
Time: 10am – 5pm
Location: Kona Coast, Lahaina, & Grand Pacific, Crowne Plaza

TikiO14_M (2)Outdoor Marketplace
Saturday: 10am- 4pm
Sunday: 10:00am – 5pm
Location: Courtyard, Crowne Plaza

Vendor list  (also a line listing for vendors is at the bottom of this post)

Car Show Marketplace
Time: 9am – 5pm
Location: Parking Lot, Crowne Plaza
Boss Finks performing Saturday 11am and 2pm
The Primitive Finks performing 11am and 2pm
View previous Tiki Oasis Car Show videos here

Art of Albertine

Art of Albertine

Tiki Oasis 16: “Party on Monster Island” Art Show
Free, open to the public, all ages!
Location: Grand Hanalei Ballroom Foyer, Crowne Plaza
Artist Reception: Saturday Aug 20th 1:00PM – 2:00PM
Meet the Tiki Oasis Artists and the 2016 Winner of the Miss Tiki Oasis Pageant!
View previous art show video here
View Tiki Oasis 16 art show preview here

Art Show Hours
Friday 10am – 9pm
Saturday 10am – 8pm
Sunday 10am-5pm

Eddy Crosby - The Creature from Tiki Island

Eddy Crosby – The Creature from Tiki Island

Featuring: Andre Ritter, BigToe Art, Brian Boskind, Chris Crites, Christine Benjamin, CraigR, David Krys, Dawn Frasier Sophista-tiki, Derek Yaniger, Devon Devereaux, Doug Dorr, Doug Horne, Eddy Crosby, Eric October, Erin Joy, Harry Decker, Ken “little-lost tiki” Ruzic, Kymm! Bang, Lori Herbst, Megan Besmirched, Michael Fleming (aka Tweedlebop), Michael Grider, Mike Mass, Mookie Sato , Norm Daniels, REESENIK, Robert Jimenez, Ryan Hungerford, Sandra Fremgen “Panda and Me”, Scott Saw, Susannah Mosher Atomikitty, Tiki King, Tiki tOny, TikiPops, Vestige Photography, Wendy Cevola, Woody Miller

Photograph Copyright Mitch Tobias www.mitchtobias.com (415) 647-0242 Tiki Oasis 13 event in San Diego, California at the Crowne Plaza Hotel and the Bali Hai Hotel. Hulabilly theme. Hawaiian. Cowboy.

Photograph Copyright Mitch Tobias www.mitchtobias.com (415) 647-0242
Tiki Oasis 13 event in San Diego, California at the Crowne Plaza Hotel and the Bali Hai Hotel. Hulabilly theme. Hawaiian. Cowboy.




Tiki Oasis 16 Marketplace Vendor List!

A Love For Flowers
A Pin Up’s Closet
Amber Ray Accoutrements
Aztec Graphics
Bachelor Pad Magazine
Badland Beads
Big Toe Art
Boney Betty
Boy Drinks World
Cat Scratch Clothing
Christine Benjamin
Clee Sobieski
Clever Vintage Clothing
Crafty Frida
Crazy Al
Creeps Selling Garbage
Culture Cove Gallery
Danger Factory
Desire Magneto
Devon Devereaux
Dionysus Records
Donnaland Vintage Variety
Eric October
Fab Trailers
Fancy Fruits
Femmes & Fellas
Fly Tahiti
Fox & Doll
Frog Island Tikis
Grass Shack Traders
Grider Co.
Hawaiian Lei Bath and Body
High Seas Trading Co.
Iconic Atomic
Johnnie Velour Ceramics
Jungle Modern Ceramics
Kahuna Kevin’s Tiki Cocktails
Krystyl Hernandez
Little Lost Tiki
Mahalo Tiki
Match Accessories
Maui Wowi Hawaiian
Mele Tiki Guys
Mikel Parton “MP”
Mister California
Mr. Smiley
Ms. Formaldehyde
MTKAHUNA Vintage Polynesia
Mustache Mike’s Italian Ice Cart
My Baby Jo
NORM Daniels
OB Tiki
Oblong Box Shop, The
Ohana Outpost
Organic Jewelry By Allie
Pin Up Girl Clothing
Pop Culture Explosion!
Popular Naughty
Popular Naughty
Poster Pop
Raw Formed Jewelry
Redhead Sadie Vintage
Retro Ruthie
Reverend Ray’s Relics
Romantic Rock
Ron Monster
Sex and Monsters
Shawn Dickinson
Shell in the Pacific
Sink or Swim Handbags
Smokin’ Tikis
South Sea Arts/Tiki Rob
Steady Clothing
Stiletto Pin Up Cosmetics
Sweet Siren Designs
Switched on Designs
The Anchored Rose
The Art of Doug Horne
The Goons from Goonsville
Thor Stor
Tiki Bongos
Tiki Broker
Tiki Diablo
Tiki King
Tiki Lounge Clay and Ceramic Designs
Tiki Oasis Merchandise
Tiki Paws
Tiki Republic
Tiki Swag
Tiki Tommy’s
Tiki tOny
Trader Trixie
Très Noir Optics
Vintage Gal Boutique
Vintage Surf Natural Bamboo Frames
Viva Dulce Marina
Woody Miller Art
Zac’s Attic
Zombie Sisters


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