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5/6: Dave Lebow Drags You Screaming into his Paintings…

Dave Lebow Prime Time

May 6 – 29, 2016
showing with Mikal Winn – A Desert Home Companion

Opening reception: Friday, May 6th, 8-11PM

LaLuzMayLa Luz de Jesus Gallery
Wacko / Soap Plant
4633 Hollywood Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Dave Lebow – Prime Time
Dave Lebow is a representational painter and illustrator that was born and raised in Oklahoma. He has a BFA in Painting from Boston University and an MFA in Experimental Animation from Cal Arts. He studied privately with Burton Silverman and at the Art Students League with Daniel Green, David Lefell, Robert Phillip, and Robert Brackman. He has exhibited and sold his work extensively in the Mid West including the Museum Of Fine Art in Santa Fe and shown his films in US and Canadian festivals. He has created illustrations and animations for the entertainment industry including Showtime’s Dexter, The Food Network’s “The Secret Life Of…” and illustrations for Paramount Television’s Medium, ABC’s October Road and the History Channel’s Strange Rituals. He was awarded in the California Open Juried Exhibition for his painting “Mad Love” and he recently completed a portrait commission for Tanya Haden and Jack Black. He lives with his wife, daughter and two cats in Venice, CA.

I want my images to grab you and drag you if not willingly, then kicking and screaming into my picture . I’m inspired and interested in imaginative storytelling pictures that evoke an emotional response. I’m attracted to subject matter from the world of pulp illustration, other worldly realms of fantasy, drama and horror as well as classical illustration and realism. – Dave Lebow




Preview José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros “Wonder Pop”

Jose Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros “Wonder Pop”
showing with J.A.W. Cooper “Viscera”
August 7 – 30, 2015
Artist reception: Friday, August 7th; 8-11PM
La Luz de Jesus Gallery

Mexico’s José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros has been painting America’s most beloved animated characters in situations more in line with the human condition, and on the darker side, for a number of years. Without fail, images of his pieces go viral and his shows sell out. Rodolfo Loaiza’s previous La Luz de Jesus exhibitions include “Profanity Pop,” “DisHollywood,” and “Disasterland,” plus numerous group show appearances. His new body of mostly oil on canvas works, “Wonder Pop”, will be displayed at La Luz de Jesus Gallery in August along with J.A.W. Cooper’s “Viscera”.

Below are a few images from the show.

Put “José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros” in Google and see for yourself what comes up!!

Media inquires please contact Reverberations Media via our contact form.

La Luz de Jesus Gallery
4633 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027




3/6: Laluzapalooza 2015, 29th Annual Group Show!

March 6 – 29, 2015
Opening Reception: Friday, March 6th, 8-11 PM

La Luz de Jesus Gallery
4633 Hollywood Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90027


La Luz De Jesus Gallery proudly presents their annual juried group exhibition, LALUZAPALOOZA. This gigantic, no-theme show features works from some of the freshest and most relevant artists working today. Last year they sorted through 16,000 submissions from commercial illustrators, graphic designers, tattooists, scenics, students, street taggers, animators and working gallery artists.

Past shows have featured as many as 330 pieces and as few as 100, making this the most exclusive selection of tastefully, jam-packed, salon-style exhibited works in Post-Pop. There will be some familiar names from our ever-growing roster of feature artists, but an overwhelming percentage of the work this year will come from a brand new batch of previously undiscovered, emerging talent. Will you be a patron of the next great generation?

Artist List (more to come!)

Donna Abbate
Peter Adamyan
Nathan Anderson
Briana Bainbridge
Dan Barry
Alexandra Bastien
Davidd Batalon
Vicki Berndt
Michelle Bickford
Sue Blanchard
Jason Brammer
Katherine Brannock
Jennifer Celio
Adrian Cherry
Carol Connett
Robert Steven Connett
Edward Robin Coronel
Matthew Couper
brian dombrowsky
Mike Egan
Bruce Eichelberger
Haunted Euth
Joshua Flint
Frank Forte
Michael Foulkrod
Francisco Franco
Don Fritz
Richard J Frost
Wendy Lee Gadzuk
Jeff Gillette
Bruce Gossett
Conrad Haberland
Walt Hall
Howard Hallis
Derek Harrison
Annette Hassell
Scott Holloway
Jack Howe
Stephanie Inagaki
Nozomi Kanai
Simon Kangiser
Jeffrey R. Kibbe
Craig LaRotonda
Gabe Larson
Josh Lawyer
Mavis Leahy
Dave Lebow
Chris Leib
MJ Lindo
Alexis Lopez
Danni Shinya Luo
Dion Macellari
Jon MacNair
Drew Mancilla
D.W. Marino
Aya Masuda
Caitlin McCormack
Patrick McGrath Muniz
Genie Melisande
Jason Miracle
Moore Graham
Pamela Mower-Conner
Azygous (Diana C. Munoz)
Michael Murphy
Dave Naz
Jaya Nicely
Ron Norman
Daisuke Okamoto
Cristina Paulos
Andrea Palves
Valerie Pobjoy
Matthew J. Price
Eric “Q” Quezada
Rob Reger
Jeffrey Richter
Aaron Rivera
Lena Rushing
Ken Ruzic
Jeanny Jean Sandoval
Van Saro
Josh Stebbins
Sean Stepanoff
Deirdre Sullivan-Beeman
Annie Terrazzo
Paul Torres
Rocío Torres
Pol Turgeon
Inge Vandormael
Dave Warshaw
Nicole Waszak
Lauren Wilde
March Willey
Christine Wu
Kate Zambrano


Margaret Keane added to Juxtapoz 20th at LAMAG

Living legend and major influence on the lowbrow and pop surrealist art movements, Margaret Keane, has just been added to the lineup of 20 Years Under the Influence of Juxtapoz! group show – What with Keane’s involvement in the already epic Juxtapoz group show and Robert Williams‘ headlining solo show SLANG Aesthetics! – the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery will be housing one of the most important shows the movements have seen yet!

Juxtapoz_March_Robert-Williams_ad-2.sm Juxtapoz_March_20-YEARS-JUX_sm

Robert Williams: SLANG Aesthetics!
and 20 Years Under the Influence of Juxtapoz

Guest Curators: Andrew Hosner (Thinkspace)
& Gary Pressman (Copro Gallery)

VIP Private Preview Reception: Sat., February 21st, 2015 6-11PM
(RSVP will be required / details to follow)
Public First View: Sun., February 22nd, 2015 2-5PM
Exhibition Runs: February 21st – April 19th, 2015

Taking Place At:
Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery
Located at Barnsdall Park
4800 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Artist List for 20 Years Under The Influence Of Juxtapoz:

• Aaron Horkey
• Aaron Nagel
• Adam Caldwell
• Adam Miller
• Alex Yanes
• Amy Sol
• Andrew Hem
• Andrew Schoultz
• Andy Kehoe
• Anthony Ausgang
• Aron Wiesenfeld
• Audrey Kawasaki
• Billy Norrby
• Brendan Monroe
• Brian M. Viveros
• bumblebeelovesyou
• C215
• Candice Tripp
• Chet Zar
• Chris Mars
• Christine Wu
• CR Stecyk
• Cryptik
• Curiot
• D*Face
• Dabs Myla
• Dalek (aka James Marshall)
• Dan Quintana
• Dave MacDowell
• David Cooley
• David Molesky
• Ekundayo
• Elizabeth McGrath
• Eric Fortune
• Erik Jones
• Ernest Zacharevic
• Esao Andrews
• Femke Hiemstra
• Fuco Ueda
• Glenn Barr
• Heidi Tailifer
• Henrik Aa. Uldalen
• Jacub Gagnon
• Jeff Ramirez
• Jeff Soto
• Jeremy Fish
• Jim Houser
• Joanne Nam
• Joao Ruas
• Joe Sorren
• Joe Vaux
• John Brophy
• Jolene Lai
• Joram Roukes
• Josh Keyes
• Kazu Tsuji
• Kevin Peterson
• Kikyz 1313
• Kozyndan
• Kris Kuksi
• KuKula
• Kwon Kyungyup
• Linnea Strid
• Low Bros
• Luke Chueh
• Luke Hillistead
• Marco Mazzoni
• Margaret Keane
• Mark Dean Veca
• Mark Garro
• Mark Ryden
• Matt Dangler
• Meggs
• Michael Hussar
• Mike Davis
• Miss Van
• Naoto Hattori
• Natalia Fabia
• Niagra
• Nick Sheehy
• Nicola Verlato
• Nikko Hurtado
• Nosego
• Odd Nerdrum
• Peter Ferguson
• Rob Sato
• Robert S. Connett
• Ryan Heshka
• Sandra Chevrier
• Scott Radke
• Sergio Garcia
• Seth Armstrong
• SHAG (Josh Agle)
• Shepard Fairey
• Tara McPherson
• Tran Nguyen
• Tristan Eaton
• Troy Coulterman
• Word To Mother
• Yoko d’Holbachie
• Yosuke Ueno

San Diego Artists at Designer Con 2014


San Diego artists at Designer Con in Pasadena, November 8 & 9

designer_conDesigner Con

November 8-9, 2014
Show Hours
Saturday 9 am – 6 pm
Sunday 10 am – 5 pm

Pasadena Convention Center – Exhibit Hall
300 East Green Street
Pasadena, CA 91101

Paid parking is available at the Pasadena Convention Center and several surrounding parking lots including Paseo Colorado directly across from the convention center (parking map).

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with the Hilton Pasadena, as the official Designer Con 2014 hotel!
168 South Los Robles Avenue (two blocks from the convention center)
Pasadena, CA 91101
(626) 577-1000

Designer Con is an annual art and design convention that smashes together collectible toys and designer goods with urban, underground and pop art! DCon is over 70,000 sq. ft. and features over 300 vendors, art & custom shows, live demonstrations, and much more! The show coordinators, Ayleen Gaspar & Ben Goretsky, strive to provide a fun, safe, comfortable environment for fans, artists, and vendors to meet. Join us in November at the Pasadena Convention Center for a weekend of fun, toys, and art!

Several artists from San Diego are participating – here are some quotes and images from a few of the artists. Media: please contact me for more images, interview opportunities, event background, and media credentials if you would like to come out for the event!

To see the full list of participating artists and vendors, click here
To see previous event press click here
To see Designer Con 2013 highlights – photos, etc. click here


San Diego Designer Con Participation List:

Color Ink Book
Stephen Budko
Tara Magboo – Magboo
Jordan Gorence – Armpit Lazers
Matt Spangler – Robots by Matt Q. Spangler
Chika Sasaki – GUNNZO
Paul Copeland – Paulkaiju
Tania Kelvin – Interspecies Planet

Steve Budko 
This coming DCon will be my third, and it’s been really interesting watching it grow as much as it has in just the past three years. I first participated in 2012, and in fact that was my first art con ever. I picked a good one. I had a table for the first time at WonderCon in Anaheim this past April. Although it was a great experience, it just didn’t have the intimate DIY vibe and sense of like-minded camaraderie that you get at DCon. Living in San Diego, I try to make it up to LA at least once a month, so the trip to Pasadena for DCon each fall is just par for the course. However, if DCon were anywhere farther away, I’d still definitely make it a point to participate. sbudko.com

Tara Magboo – Magboo
I have been exhibiting my Adorable Mayhem line for the past five years. The biggest venue that I sell at is Comic Con International which I have been selling at for five years now. I have received recognition as a featured independent artist at Comic Con through prominent news websites which include Fusion.net and Mental_Floss. I have sold my work through other comic conventions such as the Alternative Press Expo and Wondercon. In addition, I have, in addition, exhibited at craft venues such as San Diego Mini Maker Fair and the Rhode Island School of Design Alumni Craft Sale. Although I make jewelry, felt sculptures, and small paintings I felt my work was appropriate for the comic convention circuit because all the work that I make has a comic book/cartoon aesthetic. All my work is based on cute and funny yet oddly dark animal characters that I designed. I then fabricate all the resulting work by hand in San Diego whether it be metalwork or wool felting. I feel that Designer Con is a particularly good fit because it is a show that focuses on product inspired by comics or cartoons and that is exactly what I do! magboocandyandjewelry.com

Jordan Gorence – Armpit Lazers
I feel that it is important to go out to Pasadena because the LA area and Designer Con are very diverse in the type of art designers are making and the type of art people are looking for. For me it is just as important to get my artwork out to different people, as being able to see what other artists are putting out there and creating. The inspiration I find from artists helps me develop my individuality as an artist, plus it is awesome to be able to meet the artists behind the works. I have only been doing conventions for about a year and this coming Designer Con will be my 4th convention so far. armpitlazers.com

Matt Spangler – Robots by Matt Q. Spangler
Hands down, this is one of my favorite events of the year. I have never done a show where the vendors are treated so well (food when you arrive!) and have such a relaxed atmosphere. Typically show setup is chaotic and never well organized, this is the opposite. Also, the venue and quality of people that attend is exactly the demographic you would hope to have at all events! store.mattspangler.com

I will be showing with my fellow artists in my art collective here in San Diego, which is called Basura Social. The other artists I am showing with are Chikle, Optimus Volts, EZ Rock, and Puffer the Blowfish. We will be featuring some original art pieces, sculpture pieces, toys, and clothing. I feel Designer Con is important because it will give us a chance to meet with likeminded artists and art fans that will not only inspire our art, but push us out of our comfort zones and try new things. My art collective is trying to expand our reach outside of San Diego, and this was the perfect opportunity to do so. I have participated in the Comic Con art show and have been thinking about attending artist alley for 2015. For the past two years I have participated in Comic Con themed art shows during the convention. GMONIK.com

Interspecies Planet (by Kurathena Studios)
Tania Kelvin, Founder/Creator/Artist/Author
At Designer Con I will be featuring hand-created figurines, illustration prints, books, probably a coloring book, and other merchandise based on my characters. I’m attaching a couple of them in hand-drawn pencil illustration form. I also am offering commissioned custom figurines. I feel it’s important to travel to Pasadena for Designer Con since I really love that convention and it’s the right place for me and my art. I am especially enthusiastic that it’s a unique, intimate, and energetic convention, which showcases very talented independent artists/designers and has mostly 3D/sculptural art, which is my forte (my collection started as ceramic sculptures). This will be my first time showing my art and being a vendor at Designer Con. It’s a great place to start as a vendor, being that it’s not as huge as San Diego Comic Con. Another artist/vendor told me about Designer Con last year, so I checked it out and spent all weekend there talking to a lot of friendly vendors and doing research. The various types of art, merchandise, talent and imagination of the artists is incredible!

The weekend of October 17-19, I will be having my Interspecies Planet debut in the Artist Alley at San Diego Comic Fest. It’s a small, mellow, intimate convention that I attended for the first time last year and loved it. I felt the panels were awesome, featuring great topics, were close-up, and I learned a lot. As far as conventions/art shows/etc. go…I’m starting at Comic Fest, then Designer Con in November, and will take it from there. I will also be showcasing and selling my variety of work online…which is in development.  facebook.com/InterspeciesPlanet


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