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Tiki Oasis 16: Party on Monster Island Art Show 8/19-21

Tiki Oasis 16 Art Show

Tiki Oasis 16 Art Show

Tiki Oasis 16: “Party on Monster Island” Art Show
August 19-21
Crowne Plaza, Hotel Circle,
San Diego

Free, open to the public, all ages!
Location: Grand Hanalei Ballroom Foyer, Crowne Plaza
Artist Reception: Saturday Aug 20th 1:00PM – 2:00PM
Meet the Tiki Oasis Artists and the 2016 Winner of the Miss Tiki Oasis Pageant!
View previous art show video here: tikioasis.com/artshow

Though weekend tickets to Tiki Oasis are sold out, the Tiki Oasis 16: Party on Monster Island Art Show, dedicated to this year’s Tiki Oasis theme “Party on Monster Island” is open to the public! The show includes some of your favorite artists from previous Tiki Oasis art shows, and a few newcomers!

Art Show Hours
Friday 10am – 9pm
Saturday 10am – 8pm
Sunday 10am-5pm

Featuring: Andre Ritter, BigToe Art, Brian Boskind, Chris Crites, Christine Benjamin, CraigR, David Krys, Dawn Frasier Sophista-tiki, Derek Yaniger, Devon Devereaux, Doug Dorr, Doug Horne, Eddy Crosby, Eric October, Erin Joy, Harry Decker, Ken “little-lost tiki” Ruzic, Kymm! Bang, Lori Herbst, Megan Besmirched, Michael Fleming (aka Tweedlebop), Michael Grider, Mike Mass, Mookie Sato , Norm Daniels, REESENIK, Robert Jimenez, Ryan Hungerford, Sandra Fremgen “Panda and Me”, Scott Saw, Susannah Mosher Atomikitty, Tiki King, Tiki tOny, TikiPops, Vestige Photography, Wendy Cevola, Woody Miller

Preview just a few of the images here! More forthcoming…


7/1: Preview the Poster Pop Collection at La Luz de Jesus

The Poster Pop Collection

Showing with Brad “Tiki Shark” Parker’s Kona Kitch
July 1 – 31, 2016
Opening reception, Friday, July 1, 8-11 PM
La Luz de Jesus Gallery
4633 Hollywood Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90027

The Poster Pop Collection spotlights several important paintings by Poster Pop Artists in the tiki, Hawaiiana, alternative and hotrod genres.

Highlights of the Collection include 19 paintings by Pop Surrealist Aaron Marshall; Shag’s 1997 painting “Religious Icon 2;” “Crown of Bunnies,” the first oil painting by Frank Kozik; “Priscilla Ua,” widely considered to be one of Pizz’s top five works along with rare paintings by Alan Forbes, Marco Almera, Von Franco, Derek Yaniger, BigToe, Gustavo Rimada.

“Since 1997, Poster Pop has created merchandise and published art prints based on the artists’ work. I’ve always enjoyed a great working relationship with my Poster Pop artists,” says Matt Getz ”It was both logical and key that I started collecting the original art.”

The show at La Luz de Jesus and the the upcoming book on the Collection will feature over 120 works with forwards by Dirty Donny and BigToe. The volume will be written by Poster Pop Founder, Matt Getz.

Poster Pop is located in Huntington Beach.



Tiki Oasis 5th Annual Art Show – Beyond Squaresville

Tiki Oasis 5th Annual Art Show
Beyond Squaresville

Open to the public! All original artwork is for sale

Exhibition Dates:
Friday Aug 15th – Sunday Aug 17th
10:00AM – 5:00PM Daily

Artist Reception: Meet the Tiki Oasis Artist and the Winner of the Miss Tiki Oasis Contest!
Date: Saturday Aug 16th

Hours: 1:00PM – 2:00PM

Grand Hanalei Ballroom Foyer, Crowne Plaza
2270 Hotel Cir N, San Diego, CA 92108
(619) 297-1101

Featured Artists
Big Toe
Christine Benjamin
Dawn Frasier “Sophista-tiki”
David Krys
Derek Yaniger
Doug DoRr
Doug Horne
Eddy Crosby
Eric October
Erin Joy
Harry Decker
Iggy Medeiros
Ken “little lost tiki” Ruzic
Michael Fleming (Tweedlebop)
Michael Grider
Michael Uhlenkott
Noir Nouar
Norm Daniels
Robert Jimenez
Ryan Hungerford
Sandra Fremgen
Susana Andrea
Tiki King
Tiki Tony
Woody Miller


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