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Update: Spirit Seminars, Luau, Food Trucks at Tiki Oasis 19!

TIKI OASIS 19: “Catch the New Wave”
June 7-11, 2019
Bali Hai – Shelter Island, San Diego
Crowne Plaza Hotel – Hotel Circle, San Diego

On Thursday, August 8, Crowne Plaza Hotel and Tiki Oasis.will host a full authentic Luau featuring a whole roasted suckling Kahlua Pig, Mahi Mahi, Glazed Chicken, and much more; specialty drinks by Pagan Idol (San Francisco) + Bar Kindred (San Diego), and a Polynesian dance show.
Full information, menu, and ticket info can be found at this link

Tiki Oasis 19 celebrates Tiki in a variety of educational seminars – here’s a focus on this year’s event spirits seminars, including a wine appreciation seminar co-hosted by Devo’s Gerald Casale!

Seminar entry included with deluxe and cocktail passes noted.
Seminar Tickets available at this link
ALL seminar tickets are available for purchase a la carte – no weekend wristband necessary!
All seminars except Kiddie Cocktails are 21 and over.

Tiki Oasis 19 "Catch the New Wave"
Tiki Oasis 19 “Catch the New Wave”

Spirits Seminars
Interact one-on-one with makers representing new products, and some of our old favorites. Tiki Oasis has curated an international collection of a very limited number of rum and other spirit brands that go well in Tiki cocktails! Includes a Tasting Glass.

Winemakers Judd Finkelstein and Gerald Casale invite you to join them as they make wine approachable, and break down the intimidation factor surrounding the world of wine. Get wine-confident! You’ll learn sensory techniques and food pairing tips, gain knowledge of common grape varieties, hear engaging stories, and have some laughs throughout. Of course, all of this will be accompanied by an array of their wines The Fifty By Fifty and Judd’s Hill winery.

Judd Finkelstein is the proprietor of Judd’s Hill winery in Napa Valley and has 40+ years of winemaking experience in this famed region. In his other life, he is the band leader of the old-timey Hawaiian-style combo, The Maikai Gents. Gerald Casale is the co-founder of the band DEVO, a longtime wine educator, and proprietor of the Pinot Noir based wine brand The Fifty By Fifty. 

Hosted by Randy Tarlow from Liquid Alchemist, this seminar covers the importance of choosing quality ingredients when making cocktails. Examining spirits, liqueurs, syrups, juices, and ice. Why we choose fresh and premium vs artificial products. How these ingredients affect the taste and presentation of cocktails. And most important, how to drink well to prevent a hangover. Guests will leave with the understanding of what they are actually consuming and why they should be discerning when ordering a cocktail, how pricing for quality products is justified. and health-conscious options for the long party weekend.

Pam Kueber of Retro Renovation is ready to reveal all the secrets of creating a world of Tiki in your home. Starting with six blank walls — yes, the ceiling matters, too! Learn how to tackle the process of creating a tiki paradise so that you too, can transform any room in your house into your own great escape. Based on interviews with professional tiki bar designers and homeowners who shared lessons from their projects, plus countless hours of research to create her own “Mahalo Lounge”, Pam has distilled this creative project into seven distinct steps. You’ll hear about tiki-theory essentials, design concepts, options for materials and where to get them, the big no-no’s, and more. Creating a home tiki bar can be an intimidating project – “more is more” here, but you can do it if you take it step-by-step!

The world’s most famous Tiki drink is 75 years old this year … and so is the war over who invented it.  Trader Vic claimed he invented the Mai Tai in 1944. Bandleader Harry Owens claimed he introduced the Mai Tai to the world in 1954.  And Don The Beachcomber said he invented the Mai Tai way back in 1932.  At the risk of getting fragged in the crossfire, Beachbum Berry will examine the evidence and serve up samples of different Mai Tai recipes — including Vic’s 1944 Mai Tai, still “da kine” after all these years!

Come learn what makes a Tiki drink different from a tropical drink and how to make your own spin-off the Tiki classics. Join mixologist and author Tiki Lindy on this fun exploration of what makes a balanced and Tiki-inspired cocktail while trying a few Tiki Lindy original riffs.

Tiki Lindy is a veteran tiki bartender, rum advocate, and tiki icon most notable for her private events bartending, award-winning mixology and as the author of “Tiki Lindy’s Field Guide to Pupus, Tidbits & Exotic Provisions”–a first of its kind collection of regionally inspired tiki cuisine recipes. She is San Francisco based but bartends nationwide.

We have asked a limited number of rum, beer, and other spirit brands to share with the Tiki Oasis audience their favorite taste combinations! What should you sip while indulging in dark chocolate, nuts, dried and fresh fruits? Does jerky or popcorn really pair with any spirit brand? Join us for this unique event and find out!

Join the pros, Tom and Kelly, as they explain the creation of their latest cocktail tome, The Home Bar Guide To Tropical Cocktails, from concept to printed book. The process took over two years! They give you an insider perspective of what it takes to bring a published book to fruition. From choosing over 150 original recipes, to the art and photography gathering process, through collaborating with a European book publisher, and working within layout requirements. They will also give a practical tutorial on syrup making. Q&A will be encouraged. Includes one of Tom & Kelly’s cocktails.

Calling all junior mixologists! Join us for a swingin’ master class on slinging up some tasty Kiddie Cocktails! Learn more about the coolest-ever collection of fabulous drink recipes in every flavor and style under the sun – sharp and tangy, smooth and sweet, fizzy but never flat, crisp and fruity, or rich and creamy – all minus the hooch! Surprise your friends with a Kosmic Kooler, get the party started with a Dream Punch or cruise to Hawaii with a Little Pink Pearl. You’ll also find tips on setting up your own kiddie cocktail bar – with advice on choosing everything you’ll need to make your cocktails look as amazing as they taste! Come and wet your beaks with Kiddie Cocktails book author Stuart Sandler for an afternoon you won’t soon forget!

Stuart Sandler launched the Font Diner font foundry in 1996. Inspired by American popular culture of the 1930s–1960s, he has created more than 500 original typefaces for the graphic design industry, and solidly established a reputation as the premier retro display typeface designer.  In 2004, Sandler launched Mister Retro, offering retro graphic design software products to complement his original typefaces. Mister Retro features a wildly popular suite of Photoshop plug-ins, Snappy Hour vector artwork, and original serigraphs from the world-renowned lowbrow artist Derek Yaniger. When he’s not in his studio, Sandler enjoys life in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, with his family, and indulging in world-class supper club dining – hunkered over a fancy pickle, radish, and black olive relish tray and sipping on a Shirley Temple.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship, the Celebrity Death Match, the Thunderdome: none of these contests of grit and skill included cocktails. Shame on them. The Tiki Oasis Bartenders Battle will pit some of the best bartenders in San Diego against each other in a no-holds-barred, head-to-head cocktail throw-down. Sample some of the best, most innovative Tiki cocktails in San Diego while you cheer on your bartending champion. They all may battle but only one can win!

Ram Udwin is the founder and creative mind behind Boy Drinks World, maker of fine cocktail bitters, tinctures, and other delightful things. Aside from running Boy Drinks World, Ram is a professional craft cocktail bartender, spirts expert, educator, Tikiphile and sometimes rum judge that is enthusiastic about all things related to drinking well. When not sipping rum and slinging bitters by the pool.

Food Trucks will be located at the Car Show on Saturday, August 10 and Sunday, August 11

Quick Stop Grill
Haad Sai Thai
Sun & Sea
Chameleon Cuisine
Bella Vita Pizza
Food Affair


Tiki Oasis 19: Catch the New Wave – Focus on Music!

TIKI OASIS 19: “Catch the New Wave”
August 7-11, 2019
Wed., August 7, Bali Hai – Shelter Island, San Diego
Thursday – Sunday, August 8-11 – Crowne Plaza Hotel – Hotel Circle, San Diego

Tiki Oasis 19 Spotify Playlist
Tiki Oasis TV
Tiki Oasis Facebook Group

Ticket info at this link
Wednesday Meet and Greet at Bali Hai and Sunday Night Tiki Oasis Showcase tix can be purchased a la carte or with the full ticket package. Seminar tickets can also be purchased separately from event tickets!
Thursday – Saturday main event tickets must be purchased as a package. As always, car show, art show, and marketplace are open to the public, art show Thurs-Sun, car show, and marketplace Sat-Sun.

Tiki Oasis, is the original and largest Tiki event in the world and features in five nights and four days:  live music, dance, DJs, marketplace vendors, fashion shows, costume contests, poolside entertainment, miss Tiki Oasis contest, car show, kids activities, art exhibit, plus top experts giving educational presentations on everything from cocktails and food, art, architecture, pop culture history, and tiki carving!

As always at Tiki Oasis, the event is all about the Tiki lifestyle. In addition, every year, the event explores a theme which adds dimension or explores a different aspect of Popular Culture tangential to Tiki. 

Tiki Oasis 19: Catch the New Wave

“Catch the New Wave!” is an obvious nod toward Surf music, while “New Wave” is a blast from the early 1980s. In the 1980s, simultaneous to New Wave, was the “Second Wave” in the swell of Surf Music history. At Tiki Oasis 2019 we present acts that relate to 1980s New Wave with a surf or exotica twist, “Second Wave” Surf music, and a few original “New Wave”-ers to create a totally radical weekend that will leave you stoked.

Agent Orange, Debora Iyall of Romeo Void, Drifting Sand, Tiny Bubbles featuring Gerald Casale of Devo, Jesika von Rabbit, Joey & The Showmen, Jon & the Nightriders, Josie Cotton, Los Freneticos, Los Tiki Phantoms, MongoLounge, Par Avion, Tiny Bubbles, The Fleshtones, The Greasy Gills, The Hula Girls, The Insect Surfers, The Intoxicats, The New Waves, The Outta Sites, The Surfrajettes, Tikitronic, Tikiyaki Orchestra, Tim Polecat


Agent Orange
The original punk/surf power trio is one of only a handful of bands who have been continually active since the earliest days of the West Coast punk scene. The first to combine the melodic California surf guitar sound with the frantic energy of punk, Agent Orange invented the formula that would come to define the Orange County punk sound. Agent Orange continues to deliver with a never-ending schedule of tours in the US, Canada, South America, Europe, and Pacific Rim.

Burt “Fuzz” Nutley w/ The Tiny Bubbles
Burt “Fuzz” Nutley (a.k.a. Django Ramone) plays guitar for The Tiny Bubbles and The 16 Eyes. His past musical associations include Doc And The Pods, The Cybermen, and The El Guapos. When he’s not designing tiny pieces of electronic glass for your car, he designs and builds fuzz and distortion pedals. .

Deborah Iyall
Debora Iyall was the singer and lyricist for 80’s post-punk band Romeo Void from San Francisco. Their 1982 single “Never Say Never” was a bold provocative dance club, college/alternative radio, and MTV hit. Two years later they burst into the Top 40 with the funky “A Girl In Trouble (is a temporary thing)” which earned them an appearance on American Bandstand. Iyall’s Native American heritage made her unique among punk-poet-goddesses as she challenged female rock singer stereotypes with her look and her unabashed lyrics and delivery.

Drifting Sand

NorCal’s Drifting Sand sing and play songs about birds, sharks, perfect waves, root beer floats, sea stars, blue water, and going surfin’ with Britney! They believe that every day is summer and provide your beachin’ soundtrack for drivin’ down the coast with their fun new wave surf-pop sounds. The sun’s out and the surf’s up but, watch out for Drifting Sand!

El Vez
El Vez is the Latin sensation that is sweeping the Nation, and the world! A modern multicultural hybrid of Americana & Mexicano, he is more than entertainment, he is a thinking man’s Elvis, a post-modern King with a Latin twist, the Chicano experience presented and told through the songs of Elvis. He has appeared on The Tonight Show, Oprah, MTV, HBO, CNN, and Live with Regis & Kathy Lee. He has even been a question on Jeopardy!

Tiny Bubbles featuring Gerald Casale
Tiki Oasis is excited to announce a special performance for ONE NIGHT ONLY on Thursday night by The Tiny Bubbles, featuring DEVO’s Gerald Casale and Judd “The Fink” of The Maikai Gents LIVE on stage with The Hula Girls!! The group will perform Devo tunes Hapa Haole Hawaiian style!

Gerald Casale is a musician, composer, music video director, and vintner. His music career spans more than 40 years. Gerald (“Jerry”) found fame in the late 1970s as co-founder and bass player of the legendary and influential new wave band Devo, who were formed on the basis of the theory of de-evolution (The De-Evolution Band) at Kent State University in the early ’70s. His interest in wine started when the band moved from Ohio to California where he met several cutting edge restaurateurs and became a fan of the then-new California cuisine and California wines that went with it. In 2012, Casale, with his love of Pinot Noir, produced his first vintage of wine, bearing the name The 50 by 50. His winery of the same name is located in the Wooden Valley of Napa, California.

Jesika von Rabbit
Jesika von Rabbit, the versatile former front-woman and prolific songstress of Joshua Tree’s trailblazers Gram Rabbit has released two solo albums since the group’s demise. In her two-piece electro and full-band live configurations, Jesika has shared a diverse list of bills with Wanda Jackson, EoDM, Strawberry Alarm Clock, The Melvins, John Doe, and many others. Upon release, Boy George tweeted his followers the video of her beautiful interpretation of “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me”. JvR’s bassist is Tiki Oasis veteran, Lee Joseph.

Joey and the Showmen
This original 1962 SOCAL based band is not an imitator or limited only to instrumentals. Joey and the Showmen blend their pre-surf instrumentals and vocals with several generations and genres: the 60’s west coast beach culture, 50’s R&B, 50’s rock, exotica, and 40’s big band, creating a sub-genre classified as the West Coast Beat.

Josie Cotton
In the early 1980s, Jose Cotton’s hit “Johnny Are You Queer?” was included on the soundtrack of the seminal film Valley Girl. Josie is known for her quirky stylizations and musical experimentation from pop to rockabilly, electronica, swamp, lounge, Western, garage and beyond. She has recorded seven albums including Invasion of the B-Girls, a collection of B-movie theme songs, which included liner notes by John Waters. Josie is playing select dates with her stellar band which includes Paul Roessler (Screamers/Twisted Roots).

King Kukulele
King Kukulele
King Kukulele is a comedian, actor, and ukuleleist with inexorable energy who has performed around the world, singing hapa haole and novelty songs at all kinds of shows from Hollywood movie premieres to Disneyland. He composed a promotional song about tropical fruits and fish for the Orange County Fair, as well as “I Don’t Eat Poop,” a song written for the California Board of Public Health. The latter song was not used.

Los Freneticos
Los Frenéticos
Since 2008, Córdoba, Argentina’s Los Frenéticos have been whipping crowds into a frenzy with their hybrid of instrumental rock, beat, punk, Spaghetti Western, and surf music. Their album El Sonido que Perdura was nominated on the category of Best New Rock Artist Album by the Gardel Awards (the most important prize of music in the country) giving them a great recognition at the national level.

Los Tiki Phantoms
Los Tiki Phantoms
Los Tiki Phantoms are four thugs from marshy and dark lands. Guitars, bass, and devilish drums are their weapons, their ammunition is twang, surf and Latin rock in the finest inspired Dick Dale style. The Tiki Phantoms have released the albums Los Tiki Phantoms Regresan de la Tumba (The Tiki Phantoms Returning from the Grafe) in 2006, Los Tiki Phantoms y el Ejército de las Calaveras (The Tiki Phantoms and the Army of Skulls) in 2009, Los Tiki Phantoms Mueven el Esqueleto (The Tiki Phantoms Move the Skeleton) in 2011, and their new album for 2019, Tiki Phantoms y el Misterio del Talismán (“The Tiki Phantoms and Talisman Mystery) in celebration of the band’s tenth anniversary.

Mongo Lounge
In their noble quest for viable new hybrids, the earnest chemists behind San Francisco de-evolutionary outlet, Mongoloid, have taken “the sound of things falling apart” and made it swing. The resultant concoction: Mongolounge. It’s Devo poured over ice and served with a twist.

Motu Nehenene Polynesian Dancers
Motu Nehenehe means “Beautiful Islands” in Tahitian. This San Diego based group provides Polynesian dance entertainment and classes in Tahitian, Hawaiian hula, Maori and Samoan.

Par Avion
Here’s something special for your Tiki Oasis Sunday morning “lei over”. Par Avion, an eclectic instrumental trio featuring Bernard Yin, Rebecca Ramirez, and Derek O’Brien, will be taking off poolside at 11 AM. Bernard has been touring abroad all summer and although now an L.A. resident, grew up in San Diego. Many years ago, he frequented Otto’s backyard tiki-themed parties in Los Angeles while tiki was still a very underground affair. What we’re trying to say is that this is a homecoming on many levels and the band plans to make their Tiki Oasis debut fun! Be on the lookout for special guest musicians or hit up the band if you care to join them for a surf session later in the day.

The Fleshtones
In a career that spans over four decades, garage rock superheroes The Fleshtones truly have done it all. They’re one of the final remaining original CBGB bands, they’ve played on Andy Warhol’s short-lived MTV show while Sir Ian McKellen read Shakespeare over their jamming, and was the last band to publicly perform at the World Trade Center’s Windows on the World. However, what’s most incredible about The Fleshtones is that they’re putting out some of their best music yet forty years into their career, as evidenced by their brand new limited edition 45 single “Layin’ Pipe” b/w “Lady Nightshade”.

The Greasy Gills
The Greasy Gills are an all-gill instrumental reverb ‘n’ roll band from Northern California. Their new release, The Spring Collection sprung from a semi-spontaneous recording session with the infamous Evan “Mugs-o-Plenty” Foster of the Boss Martians, at No-Count Studios in Seattle.

The Hula Girls
The Hula Girls
The Hula Girls formed in 2008 and have been busy playing their self-described ‘hulabilly’ music all over Southern California. The group’s sound is up-tempo hapa-haole, tiki, and surf-themed music, all filtered through the late 1950’s and early 60’s rockabilly, surf, and rock n’ roll! The Hula Girls are Spike Marble on guitar and lead vocals, Shorty Poole on upright and electric basses, Gary Brandin on steel guitar, and Doug Sanborn on drums! They are always accompanied by their Hula-A-Go-Go dancers.

The Insect Surfers
2019 marks the 40th anniversary of Insect Surfers, “the planet Earth’s longest running modern surf band.” Active since the new wave era in 1979, the Insect Surfers have performed throughout the US and Europe and have appeared on over 45 releases. Their latest record Datura Moon has been specially issued on purple vinyl, along with the new CD collection of rare tracks titled Living Fossils.

The Intoxicats
Originating from Kauai, Hawaii, and Minneapolis, Minnesota, Intoxicats were born of a rum haze one steamy tropical night at Tiki Iniki. Picture Gilligan’s Island with access to MTV, and an unlimited bar tab… you get the picture. Featuring members of The Brian Setzer Orchestra, Prince’s NPG and more, Intoxicats are a dance party with a twist!

The New Waves
The New Waves
Out of the ashes of such beloved local artists as Apollo 14 and The Vermin comes The New Waves. Formed in 2013 by Mr. Gerald “Turbo” Proctor, The New Waves set out to recreate and pay homage to new wave music. Taking cues from godfathers of surf, The Ventures, The New Waves take all your favorite new wave songs and reproduces them as ’60s surf classics.

The Night Times
L.A. garage group The Night Times are as authentic as it gets. Featuring ex-members of The Neumans, they have formed one of the best American revival groups since The Miracle Workers. Following a debut 45 that flew off the shelves, they returned this year with their first LP. Here We Go on Outro Records features 12 vicious cuts that combine the best of the ’60s with real songwriting skills. Expect an imminent single release on the British label State, recorded while the group was in the UK.

Tikiyaki Orchestra
The Tikiyaki Orchestra
The Tikiyaki Orchestra has been wowing audiences since 2008, and with four great album releases. The Tikiyaki Orchestra is celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the release of their much beloved 2nd album, Swingin’ Sounds for the Jungle Jetset! To commemorate, the band is releasing a limited vinyl pressing of Swingin’ Sounds on blue vinyl, which will be available at Tiki Oasis 19. Otto Von Stroheim calls The Tikiyaki Orchestra as “The greatest Exotica band in the world”. High praise indeed!

The Surfrajettes
The Surfrajettes are Ontario Toronto’s premier all-girl psychedelic instro surf foursome with a modern, upbeat flair. Nicole, Shermy, Sarah and Amber have wowed crowds all over eastern Canada and the US, and with their debut CDEP release, Cha Cha Heels on Hi-Tide Records, they are sure to win fans the world over!

Hailing from San Diego and Los Angeles, TikiTronic was formed by “recovering studio engineers” Rick Roessler (Freddy Canoe) and Andy Tolley (Captain Coconut). The duo uses a unique arsenal of equipment; Moog synthesizer, balafon, theremin, analog drum pads, ukulele, electric and slide guitars – to reinvent 1970’s and ’80s classics. TikiTronic’s high energy live performances are not to be missed!

Tim Polecat
Tim Polecat
Tim Polecat grew up in suburban North London, obsessed with American comic books, British sci-fi TV, fifties rockabilly, ’70s glam, and punk. His band The Polecats had several UK chart hits in the early ’80s and international success with “Make a Circut With Me”. In the 1990s Tim formed 13 Cats who crossed boundaries into the surf and garage rock scene of the era. Tim now resides in Palm Springs and currently tours with The Polecats, and the Tim Polecat Trio.

Tiki Oasis Icon
Tiki Oasis 19 DJs
After School Special, Astro138, Becky & Nikki (Bubblegum & Other Delights), Bigtikidude and Emilio, Farbror Fuzz, Flashback George, Lee Joseph, DJ Nuria, djgirlgroupgirl, El Nova, Howie Pyro, Jon Burchard, LuxuriaMusic, Mike & Anya Stax, Paul Cinnamon, Professor Rex Dart, Shindog of New Wave City, Swankenstein, The Stately DJ Wayne Manor & DJ Hardly Quinn, Tiki Thomas, Tony the Tyger, Vanessa Burgundy, Will Torres, Will’mer, Zombierella, Zorch

Tiki Oasis was conceived in 2000 as a fundraiser to support the rehabilitation of the mid-century Palm Springs Caliente Tropics Motel which attracted a small gathering of tikiphiles. The event, which moved to San Diego in 2006 and has grown to include two locations, three hotels, over 15 seminars, 100 vendors, numerous sponsors, a slew of talent which is enjoyed by over 3000 attendees.

Tiki Oasis is a family produced Polynesian Pop lifestyle weekender which takes place in Southern California each August, is the largest tiki gathering in the world and the only event of its kind on the West Coast. Each year Tiki Oasis presents a different theme which explores, celebrates, and preserves mid-century aesthetics via entertainment, fashion, food, drink, and education while showing its relevance in contemporary lifestyle. Tiki Oasis attendees experience four-plus days of live and dj music sets, symposiums, book signings, marketplace shopping, art, burlesque, comedy, vintage cars, mixology, fashion, and events for kids and tweens.


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