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La-La Land Gallery and Kii Arens present “FRUIT” Group Show

La-La Land Gallery and Kii Arens
are proud to present the juiciest art show of the summer!



Thursday, July 21st., 7-10 PM
La-La Land Gallery
6450 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90038

Come and join us for “FRUIT” the exhibition. What could be a more perfect subject for a summer group art show?!

Fruit features art from over 15 grape…I mean great artists such as:

Kii Arens, Shag, Oliver Hibert, Steve Ellis, Mark Kostabi, Anthony Ausgang, Martin Ontiveros, Janee Meadows, Chris Reccardi, Daniel Gibson, Dan Stiles, Christophe Gilland, David Medel, Aarah Aizman, Addie Hamilton, Mike Davis, Savanna Snow, Shoko Yanagisawa, Matthew Bone, Alyssa Burke, and Nazish Chunara.

Fruit stand, DJ, and drinks provided!

Here’s a partial preview of the art! More images up soon.


Chris Reccardiv “Tangyreen”

Steve Ellis

Steve Ellis

Steve Ellis

Steve Ellis

Shag "Maracuja"

Shag “Maracuja”

Kii Arens "Kiinapple"

Kii Arens “Kiinapple”

Kii Arens "Grapefruit Naked"

Kii Arens “Grapefruit Naked”

Kii Arens "Fruit Bowl"

Kii Arens "Grapefruit 2"

Kii Arens “Grapefruit 2”


LABEL 01 copy 02


About Kii Arens

Kii Arens is an American contemporary graphic designer, pop-artist, and director. He is the owner of La-La Land Gallery in Los Angeles.

A visit to Los Angeles in 2003 prompted Arens’ move to his current location on Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood. As his work in album art and band merchandising continued, he began creating unique, non-music associated art pieces. His pieces soon appeared in many galleries around Los Angeles, notably: M Modern, Subliminal Projects, Gallery 1988, and his own gallery, La-La Land Gallery, which opened in 2004.

Arens has exhibited in many shows, notably: Happy War… It’s the bomb, the first official show at La-La Land, which featured the work of Arens and many local pop-artists, including: Shepard Fairey, Chris Reccardi, Gary Baseman, Niagara, and many others. Art in the Dark, another show, was an exhibition of Arens’ own pieces, images created using black light reactive paints and lighting rigs, which concealed hidden content that could be revealed upon the flip of a switch. In 2005, he traveled back to the Twin Cities, to exhibit a gallery show at Ox-Op gallery. The show was based around Spin-o-Paint/Paint-by-numbers/Oil paint.

Later that year, lalalandgallery.com was created, an online venue for a series of customized lightboxes created by Arens. The lightboxes were also exhibited at La-La Land, and featured in a story by the Los Angeles Times. His Hot Lunch Artshow followed in Oct. 2005, and featured classic tin lunch boxes customized with local Pop art. By 2008, Arens found himself as curator of an art show based on the concerts at the Hollywood Bowl. It included pieces for artists such as Liza Minnelli,  Grace Jones, and Femi Kuti. His first major concert poster was completed that year as well, for a Beck/Spoon/MGMT show at the Hollywood Bowl.

This has spurred a career in concert print creation that continues to present, with over 250 pieces created for artists such as Radiohead, Queens of the Stone Age, Dolly Parton, Stevie Wonder, The Weeknd, Sonic Youth, The Who, Queens of the Stone Age, Devo, Diana Ross, Divine Fits, The Pixies, Tony Bennett, Glen Campbell, Bruno Mars, Tame Impala, The Beach Boys and many others. He also has created posters for various All Tomorrow’s Parties events, as well as Goldenvoice’s Coachella. In 2010, Arens created a print for Radiohead’s Haiti benefit concert in Los Aangeles. Two editions of 250 prints were sold, and helped add to a grand total of $572,754 raised by the band during the event.


Marsico, Fono66, La Luz de Jesus, Tiki Oasis: LuxuriaMusic 7/29!

It’s a Double Header afternoon on LuxuriaMusic.com featuring Tony Marscio of The Martini Kings / Cicsco & Dewey, and Nick Walusko of Fono66, The Brian Wilson Band and The Wondermints! 



This week’s Over Under Sideways Down with your LaLuzP_CiscoDeweyhost Lee Joseph features from 3-4 PM, Tony Marsico talking about the La Luz de Jesus reading and signing of his book “Late Nights with Bob Dylan” and performance of his Joshua Tree based group Cisco and Dewey  at La Luz de Jesus Gallery taking place later in the evening from 7-10 PM. Tony is also a member of The Martini Kings and vetran of the yearly Tiki Oasis event taking place August 13-16.

fono_66From 4-5 PM Nick Walusko and to be announced bandmates will be live in-studio talking about their group Fono66 and their upcoming appearance at Tiki Oasis 15 in San Diego, August 13-16. Fono66 is a multi-media musical instrumental group which utilizes key elements from various genres and styles of primitive exotica, Surf, Mod, garage psyche and with attention to movie and TV soundtracks. ‘Primodica’ and ‘Psyrph’ (psychedelic surf)!  Nick will (hopefully) also speak about his involvement in Brian Wilson’s backup group with band-mates from The Wondermints! Check out their web page at www.fono66.com, or their Facebook page at this link  to hear their music!

Host Lee Joseph will also preview a few 45s from his space-age themed Saturday Afternoon Tiki Oasis Poolside Set!

It all happens on LuxuriaMusic.com, 3-5- PM PDT – here’s the link!

Event info!
LaLuzFrontLate Nights with Bob Dylan by Tony Marsico
Book Reading, Signing & Live Performance by Cisco & Dewey
Wednesday, July 29th, 2015, 7-10pm
La Luz de Jesus Gallery
4633 Hollywood Boulevard,
Los Angeles, CA 90027



Tiki Oasis 15 “Yesterday’s Future Today”
August 13 – 16, 2015
Thursday Meet and Mingle at the Bali Hai
Main Event at Crowne Plaza, San Diego
Fono66 perform at the Thursday Meet and Mingle – Limited tickets at the  door!



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