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8/2: Coaster Show 2016 at La Luz de Jesus

The Coaster Show 2016
showing with Mark Todd “Covered”

September 2 – October 2, 2016
Opening Reception: Friday, Sept. 2nd, 8-11 PM
Closing Party: Sunday, Oct. 2nd, noon-six PM

La Luz de Jesus Gallery
4633 Hollywood Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90027

The Coaster Show 2016

The Coaster Show 2016

Announcing the fourth annual installment of  La Luz de Jesus’ The Coaster Show 2016! What started as a last minute substitution has grown into a legitimate institution–one of the most anticipated events of the LA Art Scene.

We’ve all done it. We’ve sat at the bar, drinking a beer and doodled on a coaster.

But most of us aren’t the extremely skilled painters, illustrators, animators, tattooists, sculptors or collage artists that are featured in this exhibition that takes a love of craft brewing and elevates it to high art.

This isn’t just the same, old crop of folks you see in every group show across town. There are a lot of participants who we quite frankly can’t believe we got to participate–especially considering the $250 ceiling price.

We produced a custom canvas for some of our favorite gallery folks to do what they do best, and transform a 4″ tondo coaster into museum-worthy exhibition pieces.

In the past three years, we’ve dotted our walls with tiny masterpieces, and we’re expecting another 1000 or so pieces this time around!
Each coaster is a solitary work priced $250 or less.

Patrons with a purchase history get the option to buy early–so contact the director for details. Single coaster sales will be open to the general public on opening night.

Whether you love beer and art, or just the art will blow your mind.

Here’s a PARTIAL artist list! Full list and preview will be up on the La Luz de Jesus site soon!

Caitlynn Abdow
Ricardo Ales
Baub Alfred
Patricia Ariel
Michelle Armitage
Christopher Bales
Daniel Barajas
Franziska Barczyk
Hanna Barczyk
Alexandra Bastien
Damon Belanger
Mike Bell
Alfie Berger
Terri Berman
Valarie Bermudez
Michelle Bickford
Sayuka Bloodstone
Andrea Bogdan
Mike Boston
Nathan Brown Alexis
Megan Buccere
Kristin Bunyard
Ally Burke
Ivonne Carley
Catherine Casias
Janell Chandler
Tina Chavez
Natalie Ciccoricco
Sarah Collins
Jennie Cooley
Carissa Cornelius
Ernie D’elia
K. David
Francesco De Benedetto
Gabi De La Merced
AM DeBrincat
Gerlanda Di Francia
Monica (Malvi) Dollison
Braden Duncan
Jamika Eichelberger
Nicole Filiatrault
Barry Fitzgerald
Sasha Fitzgerald
Eden Folwell
Colin Frangicetto
Cassanova Frankenstein
Freitas. Daniel
Christine Fulton
Simone Gad
Wendy Lee Gadzuk
Espana Garcia
Jim Garmhausen
Jacki Geary
Diana Georgie
Rachel Gibas
Mark Gleason
Elvin Gonzalez
Tiff “TiGra” Graham
Maia Gross
Amy Guidry
Jesse Guiher
Kat Gun
Conrad Haberland
Annette Hassell
Carrie Hawks
Chris Hayes
Jamie Hernandez
Elizabeth Hoel-Chang
Karen Hydendahl
Riyoko Iwamoto
Jessica Jackson
Jennifer Jelenski
Elena Karavodin
Adam Keene
Tommi Kelly
Mariam Keurjikian
Naoko Naoshi Kikuchi
Chad Knapik
Michelle Konczyk
A.R. Kummerow
Aja Kusick
Nathalie Lagace
Sean P. Lambert
Coney Leung
Gretchen Lewis
Jen Lightfoot
Justine Lin
Susan Livingston
Didu Losso
Sol Luongo
Kimberly Lyons
Dion Macellari
Yu Maeda
Jennifer Main
D.W. Marino
Josh Marlar
Seth Mccorkle
Patrick Muniz McGrath
Erich J. Moffitt
Lisa Moneypenny
Greg Moon
Graham Moore
Michelle Moross
Parra Morrow
Annie Motel
Emma Mount
Jay E. Moyes
Hana Mulyati
Solange Mustafe
Catherine Nichols
Ron Norman
Daisuke Okamoto
Maria Olesgy
Jon Palestini
Andrea Pallocchini
Cristina Paulos
Jessica Perner
Plinio Pinto
Paulo Pitombo
Valerie Pobjoy
Nikki Poling
Christine Rasmussen
Rebecca Reeves
Saffron Reichenbacker
Victor Roman
Ave Rose
Lena Rushing
Lisa Isabella Russo
Stefania Russo
Frau Sakra
Mikel Samson
Erika Schulz
Eusebio Travis Sevilla
Rebeka Skela
Preston (PMS) Smith
Aniela Sobieski
Mabel Song
Marnie Spencer
Josh Stebbins
Bryan Steward
Joey Stupor
Kathleen Tatz
Wilma Teixam
Treiops (Fuckface Jimi) Treyfid
Nicholas Tucker
Kelly Vetter
Joe Vollan
Sharon Volpe
Shawn Waco
Edith Waddell
Michael Walrond
Yishi Wang
Johnathan (Spinestealer) Weiss
Marc Willey
Jen Wilson
Holly Wood
Jared Yahamata
Glen Yamakawa
Skye Becker Yamakawa
Derek Zimmerman


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