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Beatnik Shindig Spotlights 6/26-6/28 San Francisco!

The Beat Museum’s “Beatnik Shindig” to be held in North Beach and at Fort Mason Center is the largest Beat Generation Conference to be held in twenty years. The last big Beat event was organized by Allen Ginsberg himself in 1995 at NYU in New York City.
We’ve designed this event to appeal to a broad audience – novices, experts, scholars and casual observers alike. The themes of The Beats are timeless – travel, exploration, a search for self, sexual identity and a spiritual quest. Everything that most young people consider to be “normal” in the world today The Beats blazed the trail on: racial equality, gender equality, gay & lesbian rights, environmentalism and saving the planet. The Beats were focused on all of these issues decades before they became mainstream. And The Beats influenced everyone – starting with Bob Dylan and The Beatles. And because they were the first group of non-conformists to come of age with electronic media (radio & television) their message went around the world.
A few event spotlights! For full schedule click here
Saturday, June 27
William Durst
Social commentator and political satirist and stand up comedian Will Durst has a seminar on Sat at 10:30 am at the Beatnik Shindig

Herbert Huncke and the Art of Friendship
Beat scholar Hilary Holladay (author of Herbert Huncke: The Times Square Hustler Who Inspired Jack Kerouac and the Beat Generation) discusses friendship as portrayed in Herbert Huncke’s stories and memoir, Guilty of Everything.
The San Francisco Beats 1955: Sex, Drugs, Art & Poetry
In an original presentation with images and texts, Jonah Raskin exhumes the lost bohemian world of San Francisco and shows how it morphed into the Beat Generation through Robert LaVigne’s art, Natalie Jackson’s naked body, Neal Cassady’s frenetic energy, Allen Ginsberg’s poetry, Jack Kerouac’s storytelling, and Peter Orlovsky’s innocence.
“I Did Not Lose the Joan Anderson Letter”
For over 50 years Poet Gerd Stern was blamed for the loss of the famed “Joan Anderson Letter” written by Neal Cassady to Jack Kerouac. Hear his story and insights now that the letter has been found. With Brian Hassett.
Ferlinghetti: A Rebirth of Wonder Movie Screening and Q&A with Filmmaker
As film maker Chris Felver’s tribute to Lawrence Ferlinghetti points out, while Ferlinghetti was not present at the creation of the Beat Generation (he was the publisher of Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl”) he was one of its midwives. Moreover, Mr. Ferlinghetti’s 1957 acquittal of obscenity charges stemming from the poem’s language is credited with igniting the free-speech movement and the counterculture that followed. Filmed at various locations and times in the Poet’s life, Felver had unfettered access leading to many interesting and Intimate moments captured on film.

Neal Cassady – The Denver Years

Movie Screening – West Coast Premiere and Q&A with Filmmaker…
Neal Cassady was a charismatic, larger than life character. His charm, manic energy, sexual swagger, and free flowing verbosity made him the authentic ‘hero’ of The Beat Generation. The film features interviews with prominent and historical figures including Carolyn Cassady, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, David Amram, John Allen Cassady, Jami Cassady Ratto, Cathy Cassady Sylvia, Jerry Cimino, Tom Noel, Ed White and Al Hinkle. Director Heather Dalton along with Producers Joshua Hassel and Hina Chowdhry will be in attendance.
Ryan Cassata: Following in Allen Ginsberg’s Footsteps to Authenticity
Ryan shares his personal story with songs of journey & discovery. A journey of coming to terms with his true identity, coming out with it, and making incredible positive change for the betterment of himself and society. Ryan will explain what it means to be transgender for him and generally what it means to be different, regardless of one’s identity. This is Ryan’s story “Going West” from lesbian to transgender man, from afraid youth to brave young adult while using the story of the Beats as his guide. It’s about having an idea that there’s a better way of living to fit one’s true self and following that idea West. Ryan will be performing original songs that reinforce the topic of his discussion. With confidence he could navigate in a world that oppresses trans* people, he not only made a change for himself, he followed his dreams and visions.
Cafe L.A.: The Beat Generation in Los Angeles
The author of Pacific Ocean Park: The Rise and Fall of Los Angeles’ Space Age Nautical Pleasure Pier and Beatsville presents his slide show featuring more than 500 images of coffeehouses and Jazz joints from Santa Barbara to Laguna, and inland from Pasadena to Sunset Strip (1951 to 1966).


Women of The Beat Generation
It’s no secret the women got short shrift in the story of The Beat Generation. As the poet Gregory Corso noted, “There were women, they were there, I knew them, their families put them in institutions, they were given electric shock. In the 50s, if you were male you could be a rebel, but if you were female your families had you locked up. There were cases, I knew them. Someday someone will write about them.” ~ With the help of many of the original women of The Beat generation, Brenda Knight has done just that.
William S. Burroughs: “We Intend to Destroy All Dogmatic Verbal Systems”
No exploration of counterculture would be complete without the work of William S. Burroughs. Publisher of seminal punk zine Search and Destroy andRE/Search, and a friend of Burroughs himself, Vale and Marian are authorities on his life and seminal influence.
A Session with Allen Ginsberg’s Psychiatrist – Dr. Philip Hicks
In 1955, at a time when The American Psychiatry Association categorized homosexuality as a mental disorder, a young psychiatrist named Dr. Phillip Hicks told Allen Ginsberg it was okay to live an authentic life. As Ginsberg himself said, “Dr. Hicks gave me permission, so to speak, to be myself.”
Sunday June 28:
Wally Hedrick: From The Six Gallery to Jerry Garcia
Wally Hedrick was part of Robert Duncan’s circle, part of the group that opened King Ubu and later The Six Gallery. He had the idea for the reading that became “6 Poets at The 6,” and later taught Jerry Garcia at SFAI. He was also married to Beat artist Jay DeFeo (The Rose).

Ruth Weiss
Born in Berlin, jazz poet Ruth Weiss arrived in San Francisco in 1952 and was instrumental to the establishment of the North Beach scene. Famed SF Chronicle columnist Herb Caen called her “The Goddess of The Beat Generation.” Join ruth for an evening of high energy and innovative Poetry & Jazz.
The Art of Animating Howl: A Slide Lecture by Eric Drooker
Visual artist, Eric Drooker was a friend and collaborator with Beat poet Allen Ginsberg, and designed the animation for the film, Howl (2010). Drooker has painted dozens of covers for The New Yorker, and won the American Book Award for his graphic novel, Flood! His most recent book, Howl: A Graphic Novel contains numerous images that were cut from the final film. Through a memorable series of slides, Drooker will explore the arc of his career-from early years as a New York City street artist, to the evolution of his graphic novels into animated films. The urgent role of artist as activist-and the tremendous power of street art in the digital age-are revealed through hundreds of images, punctuated by Eric’s sly and humorous commentary. The artist plays various musical instruments during the presentation.
Mind Breaths: Learning Buddhism from Allen Ginsberg

“He taught me to meditate, now I’m an old veteran of the thousand day retreat-” Allen Ginsberg imagined Marc Olmsted saying this at his funeral in one of Allen’s final poems, “Death & Fame.” Marc Olmsted’s 25-year relationship with Ginsberg is chronicled in his new memoir Don’t Hesitate: Knowing Allen Ginsberg 1972-1997 – Letters and Recollections. Join Marc as he discusses the personal impact of the poet, Ginsberg’s Tibetan gurus, and Allen’s previously unpublished letters.
‘Quest’ Archetypes in On the Road
Though Jack Kerouac’s novel does not have a linear arc to its narrative, Nicole will describe how it linearly follows all of the archetypes in Joseph Campbell’s Monomyth (The Hero’s Journey).
The Poetry of David Meltzer
David Meltzer brings the unique insight, wit and humor of his poetry to the stage as he reads from his works and discusses his life.

  • Beat Biographers & Historians
  • Professors & Teachers
  • Writers, Musicians, Film Makers
  • Dozens of Poets
  • Music, Movies, Symposia, Panel Discussions, Beat Celebrities and more
Free Events to be held at Friends of The SFPL’s Reader’s Bookstore*
view free event schedule here
  • Poetry Writing Workshop
  • Young Scholars Discussing The Beats
  • How to Self Publish in 2015
  • The Politics of Poetry
  • Developing Your Authentic reading Voice
The event will run the weekend of June 26, 27, and 28. It will commence with a Friday evening welcome party in North Beach and sessions will run all day Saturday and all day Sunday at Fort Mason. It will be educational, fun, inspiring and historic. Most events are ticketed and some events are free.
For more information – interview opportunities – press passes for event coverage – contact Lee Joseph, information below.

Tiki Oasis 14 Recap, Miss Tiki Oasis, TO15!

Tiki Oasis 14 recap – meet Miss Tiki Oasis – 2015 event dates and media coverage!


Tiki Oasis attendees and participants might tell you that they feel like the event, which happened in mid-August, ended only days ago. Others will tell you about their PTOD (post Tiki Oasis depression), a post-event emptiness which leaves them yearning for more. Either way, you can see that Tiki Oasis leaves a lasting impression on everyone involved! In the meantime, meet Miss Tiki Oasis 14, check out some press links and calendar the dates for Tiki Oasis 15!

Tiki Oasis 14: “Beat Tiki”
Presented by Tiki Club Liquors and Steady Clothing
In Association with Angostura Rum and Bitters, Galliano, Zacapa Rum, Ballast Point, Deadhead and Blue Chair Bay Rum
Benefiting The Surfrider Foundation, The Beat Museum and WildCoast
August 2014 San Diego, CA

The 14th annual Tiki Oasis event, themed “Beat Tiki” for its’ look at many aspects of the Beat Generation, was an extremely well-attended  four-day extravaganza fueled by mid-century inspired entertainment and culture. A great time was had by over 3000 attendees and event participants!

Ruby Joule Miss Tiki Oasis 2014


Ruby Joule of Austin has been crowned Miss Tiki Oasis 2014. Ruby is a native of Austin, TX with extensive experience in dance, theater and film. Her training includes many years of classical ballet at Ballet Austin Academy and nine years of traditional Polynesian and hula dance with Tropical Productions Company. Her theatrical career includes starring roles in many prominent Austin productions and in film, and has appeared on the covers and in the pages of magazines such as The Economist, Wall Street Journal, and Famous Monsters of Filmland! Check out her website here

Stay Tuned for Tiki Oasis 15:
“Tomorrows Future Today”, August 13-16, 2015!


Tiki Oasis 14: “Beat Tiki” received an incredible amount of coverage this year. On behalf of the organizers and myself, I want to give a huge THANK YOU to every one of you who reported and wrote about the event! Here’s a list of press links.

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Audio: Retro Cocktail Hour, heard on Kansas Public Radio, Northwest Public Radio, WESA Pittsburgh, WAMU HD3 Washington DC and WKMS Murray KY
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PHOTO ALBUMS – photos by Lee Joseph / Reverberations Media
Thursday 9/15/14
Friday 9/15/14
Saturday 9/15/14
Sunday 9/15/14


Tiki Oasis 14: “Beat Tiki” Sampler!

Like, focus your audio man, this preview to coolsville is not for sale…but put together to give your ears an idea of what’s in store for attending urban beachcomber-bohemians!

Tiki Oasis 14: “Beat-Tiki”  
A Gathering of the Urban Beachcomber – Bohemian Underground in San Diego, August 14-17, 2014
Thursday August 14 –  Bali Hai Resturant
Friday – Sunday, August 15-17 – The Crown Plaza, Hotel Circle

TikiOasisRadioSamperArtThis year, Tiki Oasis features hosts King Kukulele and El Vez, along with (in alphabetical order) Boss Fink, The Cocksmen, The Devil-Ettes, The Hang Ten Hangmen, ÌXTAHUELE, Jason Lee and the RIP-Tides, The Kilaueas, The Lampshades, The Loons, LOVE Revisited, Martini Kings, Phast n’ Bulbous, The Satin Chaps, The Shimmy Shakers, The Standells, Tiki Joe’s Ocean, The Unclaimed, and others TBA –

Event DJs include Howie Pyro, Johnny Bartlett, Phast Phreddie, Skipper Josh, Barbara Blaz, Domenic Priore, Norman Cabrera, Strike, The Kitsch Niche, Switched on Audrey, Lee Joseph, Axle, Patrick G Robinson, Duke Weiss, Jon Buchard, Tiki Tena & Jeff BigTikiDude, Tanoa Samoa Boy, Nuria Alsina, Wesley, Anja & Mike Stax plus the crew of LuxuriaMusic.com in the hotel lobby!

We’ve put together this Tiki Oasis 14 “Beat Tiki” promo sampler which is, of course, not for sale – but compiled to tickle your auditory nerves with some things you’ll be hearing at the event. The tracks are by several of this year’s performing acts plus some bonus cuts from the original beat era, submitted by event DJs, all for you to enjoy and share on your radio show and/or podcastr blog. If you do play any tracks-   be sure to mention the event dates and the website www.tikioasis.com and send us link or playlist, and we’ll share on our socials!

For detailed Tiki Oasis 14: “Beat Tiki” entertainer bios and images, click here 


1)      Cock Roach – Jack Kerouac:  
Sounds from the original Beat Era

2)      Brugmansia – XTAHUELE
ÌXTAHUELE is a Swedish exotica band playing in the acoustic, original style of Martin Denny and Arthur Lyman

3)       Swingin’ Shepard Blues – Martini Kings
The Martini Kings, the leaders in lounge, return to Tiki Oasis with their intoxicating sounds. You’ve heard their music on hit shows like Entourage, Six Feet Under and more.

4)      Swing Low Sweet Cadillac – Aggie Dukes
Sounds from the original Beat Era

5)      Bring Me the Head of Jerry Garcia – Phast n Bulbous       
NYC DJ and former ’70s rock ‘n’ roll / punk fanzine editor and label head (Back Door Man) Phast Phreddie the Boogaloo Omnibus lead this poetry-with-a-beat group who are re-uniting for Tiki Oasis 14 “Beat Tiki”

6)      5th Horsemen – Boss Fink
Hailing from Southern California, BOSS FINK embodies the musical spirit of the region that’s known for its surfing and drag racing.

7)      Vanishing Breed – Davie Allan & The Arrows
In the late sixties, Davie Allan & The Arrows carved their niche in the musical history books with an array of classic instrumentals and two dozen motion picture soundtracks. Since 1996 Davie has toured the US and Europe playing festivals and clubs.

8)      Zombie Stomp – The Hang-Ten Hangmen
The Hang-Ten Hangmen traveled forward through time from a previous era to learn how to play surf music in the 21st Century.

9)      Destination Mars – Frosty And The Diamonds
Sounds from the original Beat Era

10)   Catch on Quick – The Satin Chaps     
Portland’s The Satin Chaps ply their trade in the largely uncharted waters of European style go-go/ soul of ‘60s era groove-pop mixing hints of American instrumental soul and garage

11)   Tunguska Blast! – The Kilaueas
Berlin’s The Kilaueas are a traditional surf band with a crazy  guitarist who really is into experimenting new ways of developing surf while jumping around the stage like a madman!

12)   Tunisian Twist – The Shimmy Shakers
Four dapper dudes from San Francisco makin’ super slinky sexy tunes to shake, bump, and grind your rump to.

13)   Rod Swirling – Jason Lee and the R.I.P. Tides
Known for his live group, Dionysus Records recording artists Jason Lee & the R.I.P. Tides, and his countless number of tutorial Surf Guitar You Tube videos. Jason Lee has spread the instructional bug all over the world to help keep the kulture of Surf Guitar Music alive.

14)   The Gull – The Unclaimed     
The Unclaimed were one of the first and best of the “garage revival bands”. Although they adhered to a purist 1966 American teen garage ethic, bandleader and visionary Shelley Ganz’s songs were always fresh, original and utterly distinctive. The group broke up ’87 and is now back in action with a sack of old favorites, a stockpile of new songs, and a garage rock vengeance!

15)   My Desolation – The Loons
Evoking the wildest trips of the ’66 Sunset Strip, the Loons have been playing their smart, stylish brand of psychotic beat music for almost twenty years. Their lead singer is Mike Stax of Ugly Things Magazine.

16)   Try It – The Standells
Best known for their hit ‘Dirty Water’, The Standells released a string of garage rock singles in the mid to late 1960’s, which are now regarded as proto-punk classics. The Standells have continued to actively perform throughout the world. The group consists of original members Larry Tamblyn (lead singer & keyboard) and John Fleck (bassist), plus Mark Adrian (co-lead singer & guitar) and drummer Greg Burnham.

17)   Seven & Seven Is – LOVE Revisited
The music of legendary sixties cult favorites Love, lives on, as LOVE Revisited. The band consists of co-founder and original lead guitarist Johnny Echols, along with Mike Randle, Dave Chapple  and David Green, with occasional  “special guest” appearances by original drummer Michael Stuart-Ware. At Tiki Oasis Love will be joined onstage by original Love bassist (1965-1966) John Fleck who is still a member The Standells (1967-present)

18)   Gilligan’s Island – The Cocksmen  
The Cocksmen may be an English rock band formed in Muswell Hill, north London by Ian St. James in 1964. The band rose to mid-level fame during the mid 1960s and were part of the British Invasion of the U.S. The group released a string of records, most of which were considered commercial failures. The band experienced a revival in the early 1970s when their fifth single “Gilligans Island” charted in the top 100

19) California – Eden Ahbez / California Orchestra
Original Beat Era sounds – Eden Ahbez will be a subject of a Tiki Oasis 14: “Beat Tiki” s


Tiki Oasis’ “Beat-Tiki” weekender offers a unique pairing of the Beatnik and Tiki ethos. Like the Beat Generation of legend and lore, today’s Tiki aficionados are drawn to primitivism and thirst to reconnect with the primal past, celebrating it in a modern context. Spend a carefree weekend in an urban oasis amidst fellow barefoot bohemians, reveling in the kind of art, music, literature and mixology that is sure to flip your lid!

In the spirit of Beat literati, The Beat Museum (San Francisco) will host a pop-up bookstore as well as an expanded booksigning event. There will be several scheduled and spontaneous poetry readings by well-known and unknown authors and poets. And we have increased the number of educational symposiums: Learn about the proto-hippie, flute-playing poet, composer, naturalist, and urban explorer Eden Ahbez with researcher/author Brian Chidester; The heart of the Venice Beach Beatnik scene is examined by author Domenic Priore; Beat era artist, original Disney Imagineer, and creator of the Tiki Room Tikis, Rolly Crump, shares his thoughts; and many more.

Last year’s Tiki Oasis drew 3000 attendees and included three hotels, including the sold-out eight story Crowne Plaza where most of the event takes place.


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