Studio visit: Shaun Berke “Sacrosanct”

Shaun Berke’s “Sacrosant” opens at La Luz de Jesus Gallery tonight, November 7 along with Patrick V. McGrath Muñiz’s “Sacro Consumo”.  These photos were taken in his studio while the show was in process.

The concept of Shaun’s show is an “exploration between being a simple hominid and the principals that we impose on ourselves.” The body of work is very much like an exploration as Berke figures out how best to convey these ideas.

On the shelf books open to painterly pieces by Rembrandt and others gives Shaun compositional study. Literature helps to inspire and self-written motivational reminders keep him on track.

Shaun paints in his Pasadena apartment turned studio, by the north facing window in the dining room due to the consistency of the natural light. In one of the bedrooms, Shaun has setup a workshop with a drafting table which he uses for drawing, and numerous tools which he uses for framing. Some of his frames are found and pieces are created in sizes especially for the frames.

Shaun lives with his cat Otka who likes to hang out when he paints and is also quite good at opening kitchen cabinets!



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