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Cartwheel Art publishes an online art magazine and provides a full range of promotional and editorial media services in addition to producing and offering tours, currently specializing in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District, where they are based. Private and public group tours are offered currently in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District.  Cartwheel Art Tours are designed to engage the community with an opportunity for individuals, groups, and organizations—whether local or visiting—to discover, explore, and experience the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District through the eyes and voices of special guest speakers from the neighborhood including artists, advocates, creative entrepreneur, and historians. Most tours include a map, created by Cartwheel Art, identifying the murals, artist studios, galleries, event spaces, restaurants, bars, cafes and other creative businesses in the vibrant Arts District. For more information, please visit

For more information about the Cartwheel Art Tour and the itinerary, visit or for questions, email

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