2/5: Jessicka Addams “Please Stop Loving Me” at La Luz de Jesus

Jessicka Addams & Lindsey Way with Special Guests
Ave Rose, Deirdre Sullivan-Beeman, Lena Rushing, Peca, and Valarie Bermudez

February 5-28, 2016
Opening reception: Friday, February 5th, 8-11PM

La Luz de Jesus Gallery
4633 Hollywood Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Florida-born, Los Angeles-based artist Jessicka Addams‘ fascination with Goth culture, all things John Waters, death and cats collide in a disconsonant shower of sparks in her newest body of work, Please Stop Loving Me. Inspired by The Cure’s “End,” Please Stop Loving Me starts as a mystery providing boxes of clues to the artist’s intent, bit-by-bit, moment by painful moment; glimpses into the psyche of a person unraveling. Each one is carefully archived: grief here, betrayal there, an undiagnosed illness and several sudden deaths of the people closest to her. Experiences that changed her life indefinitely have been made corporeal, never to be forgotten. Throughout her exploration of identity, vulnerability and loss, Jessicka maintains an element of humor that subtly lifts the heaviness of her melancholy sculptures and paintings.

Jessicka is also the founding member and singer of seminal indie rock bands scarling. and Jack Off Jill, who reformed for select live dates in 2015. Additionally, she is the resident curator and researcher at Dark Dark Science, investigating the fluid relationship between art and music. Through Dark Dark Science, Jessicka strives to gain an understanding of the processes of others, the methods of individual visual artists, as well as the nature of their relationships with music and film, while continuing to create and exhibit her own work.

Jessicka’s work has been displayed throughout the United States, and featured in numerous publications including the French Art magazine Hey!

Copies of her recent zine After Grrrl: Small Stories from Big Lives, a collection of stories from her friends and influences, will available at the opening. Click here for more information about After Grrrl




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