Jesika von Rabbit Releases New Video “Psychic Spice”


Photo credit: Marina Chavez

Lead singer, keyboardist, and songwriter of Gram Rabbit, Jesika von Rabbit has released her new video, “Psychic Spice”, which is also a track from her upcoming solo album titled “Journey Mitchell”. The album reflects a shift in energy for von Rabbit now that Gram Rabbit are on a sabbatical of undetermined length. For her new project which was entirely written and recorded on her own, von Rabbit is extending the electronic element of Gram Rabbit with “Adult Theme-Park Pop”.

The video, directed by Jessica Janos, starts with von Rabbit auditioning to be a new Spice Girl and unravels into a cornucopia of outrageous imagery featuring a warehouse of weirdos which von Rabbit refers to as her “prairie gangsters.”

Jesika von Rabbit will be performing on Valentine’s Day, opening for Dengue Fever at her favorite cosmic honky-tonk, Pappy and Harriet’s, which features a menu item called “Nachos von Rabbit”,  created by, and named after her.

Watch the video before von Rabbit and friends are committed to the nearest mental ward…

“Psychic Spice” video link via Video Static
“Psychic Spice” video link via APAR France

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