Interview: Van Saro Concrete Jungle at La Luz de Jesus

Van Saro Concrete Jungle
showing with Danni Shinya Luo Mollier

Opening Reception: Friday, November 4th 8PM
November 4 -27, 2016

La Luz de Jesus Gallery
4633 Hollywood Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90027

I continue to find beauty in the decay, but as a father (now) I try to find hope in unlikely places.

We asked Van Saro a few questions about his new exhibition via email:
What have you been up to since your last solo exhibition?

Raising two little boys, and taking shit one day at a time.


Has, or how has this election cycle affected you, personally, and in the creation of this show?

Election? it’s all bullshit. Pretend democracy, the illusion that we have some say in this madness. I stopped giving a fuck I guess


There seems to be less color in the paintings than in your last show, please explain

Ya, monochromatic is way more appealing to me. it suits the mood of the paintings better, plus I’ve always felt that the complexity of balancing colors, makes my process less creative based, and more technical. black and white really freed me up to create. most these paintings are freestyles, nothing planned out, I just sat down and started painting to match my mood.

Your detail is tight, is your effort to create such detail conscious or does a muse take over? How much time do you spend on each piece?

In past series the paintings had to be much more planned. this series I detailed parts of the paintings that I felt needed it, and kept the rest loose and rhythmical. my paintings take time, hard to say how long, every painting is different time wise.


Has being a father changed your approach to your art?

Being a father has changed everything. But it hasn’t made me a typical father, fuck that, if anything I’m even more determined to break loose from the confinement of society, and teach my kids to be the masters of there own lives

Preview the entire show at this link

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