9/4: Harold Fox “Into Oblivion” at La Luz de Jesus Gallery

Harold Fox “Into Oblivion”
also showing: The 3rd Annual Coaster Show

September 4 – 27, 2015
Opening Reception: Friday, Sept. 4th, 8-11 PM
Closing Party: Sunday, Sept. 27th, noon-six PM

La Luz de Jesus Gallery
4633 Hollywood Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Harold Fox has been in retirement for quite a few years now, but you’d never know it from his output. His paintings are vivid reminiscences of a bygone era. If Charles Bukowski used paintbrushes instead of a typewriter, the outcome might look something like this. But there’s also a bit of Steinbeck and Hemingway and a whole lot of Nightmare Alley. Like a skid row Robert Williams, or a sideshow Frank Cassara, Fox’s work is both cartooned, but realistic, with the types of surrealist flourishes that would make Dali proud. Fox’s is a dark, shadowy world of second rate carnivals, low rent flophouses and dustbowl trailer parks filled with ornery hustlers, scheming grifters, and Machiavellian femmes fatales, as witnessed by a support cast of affable hobos and menacing clowns.

When you find an artist whose collector base is composed mostly of other artists, you know you’re onto something. And it’s not enough that his paintings are the cat’s pajamas, he also custom carves his own frames. The resultant tramp art aesthetic adds a whole other dimensionality to the work, as each frame seems predestined for the piece that occupies it.

Fox refined his talent at L.A.Harbor J.C.,L.A.Trade Technical college (where he earned a degree in commercial art)and at CSULB. He spent two years in the military and even there continued drawing at the request of the General. His interests are in art, history, sociology, film making and photography. Harold spent many years working as a commercial artist in Long Beach to support his family. Harold is now retired and enjoys having time to be creative and spend time with the grandkids.

Fox’s work reflects life experiences mixed with a lot of imagination. Reality and fantasy intertwined, sometimes quirky and fun and sometimes dark and frightening but always technically precise. Harold Fox currently resides in Riverside, CA.

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