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Select Press Links – Tiki Oasis 15


Select Press Links from Tiki Oasis 15:

Huffington Post – 15th Anniversary Edition of Tiki Oasis
The LA Beat Three Days Of The Tiki
KPBS News Radio (web article and audio)
The Atomic Grog Blog – Tiki Oasis Soars to New Heights
A Mountain of Crushed Ice – Tiki Oasis 15
San Diego Reader – Tiki Oasis 15 Art Show
San Diegoville – The Worlds Largest Rum Party Returns
Roddenbery Adventures – Tiki Oasis 15
Orange County Weekly – Tiki Oasis 15 – Tikis in Space Slideshow
San Diego.Org – Top Things to Do in San Diego
San Diego Pipeline – Tiki Oasis 15
NBC Los Angeles – Worth the drive
San Diego Troubadour – Tiki Intergalactic Summit
Eichler Network – Yesterdays Future Today
Los Angeles Beat – Tiki Oasis Conquers the Space Age
Star Honolulu Star Advertiser – Tiki Oasis Festival in California Hails All Things Polynesian
Pussers Rum – Tiki Oasis 15
See California – Festivals – San Diego Tiki Oasis
The Rum Lab – Interview with Otto von Stroheim
Video – Tiki Oasis 15 Pool Timelapse


Krystopher Sapp – The Great American Horror Show Install Preview

Krystopher Sapp – The Great American Horror Show
Showing with Bruce Eichelberger – The Anatomy Lesson

April 1 – May 1, 2016
Opening reception: Friday, April 1st, 8-11PM
La Luz de Jesus Gallery
Soap Plant / Wacko
4633 Hollywood Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Some images from Krystopher Sapp’s show install – full show preview at this link

LaLuzBruceKryss11 LaLuzBruceKryss12 LaLuzBruceKryss14 LaLuzBruceKryss16

Krystopher Sapp – The Great American Horror Show
Like another famous and similarly named artist, Krystopher Sapp works primarily in assemblage. Each has been at it for about the same amount time, and their matching first names (and unusual spellings of each) are one of the great coincidences of the contemporary Post-Pop art world.

Sapp’s work is much more dangerous.

Krystopher Sapp grew up in a household of memorabilia. His father has been a respected collector and dealer of movie goods for decades and his mother is one of the very few restorers trusted by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. As one might expect, his knowledge of classic film runs deep and his lexicon is large. The Great American Horror Show is a tribute to his favorite films from his favorite genre, and avoiding cliché has become his trademark.

LaLuzBruceKryss10 LaLuzBruceKryss9 LaLuzBruceKryss8 LaLuzBruceKryss18


12/5: Let There Be GWAR Book Signing at La Luz de Jesus


Let There Be GWAR
Book Signing with co-founder Hunter Jackson

Let There Be GWAR
Book Signing event with GWAR co-founder Hunter Jackson

Saturday, December 5th 7-10PM
La Luz de Jesus Gallery
Soap Plant / Wacko
4633 Hollywood Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Let There be GWAR
will give fans the world over the most comprehensive guide to the greatest band ever created. Covering the beginning of time at The Dairy building in Richmond, Virginia, where the band first met, to their spread across the land like a disease through the 1990s and 2000s, this book is a record and testament to all that is GWAR. Music changed when GWAR entered the arena with their intense performances of blood spewing nuns, ravaging stage shows and outlandish costumes, all while entertaining and awing the growing number of fans across the globe. Let There be GWAR takes you through the GWAR kingdom in photos, band posters, ephemera and interviews, chronicling their albums, comics and video in a blood-stained hardbound luxe book. GWAR fans, known as bohabs, will unite and delight in the wretched world of GWAR through the pages of this monstrous book.

Hunter Jackson and Dave Brockie were co-founders of the infamous GWAR, and Jackson was the artistic inspiration of the costuming, props, and performance they are best known for. With the loss of Brockie last year, Jackson is the last available founding member. As part of the band/artist collective, he performed as the character, Techno Destructo, and currently still uses the character as a wrestler primarily within the growing Freakshow Wrestling group.

Hunter will be happy to sign two additional items for every book purchased at La Luz de Jesus and he’ll have some exclusive merchandise of his own, too!

Let There Be GWAR!
Compiled by by Bob Gorman and Roger Gastman
Retail price $59.95
Hardcover: 360 pages
Publisher: Gingko Press (September 14, 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1584235969
ISBN-13: 978-1584235965
Product Dimensions: 11.5 x 9.9 x 1.3 inches
Shipping Weight: 4.2 Lbs.
Click here to purchase the book online

Only books purchased here will qualify for signing.
Reserve your signed copies today!


Flea to play Manson in upcoming film Prettyface

Best known as the bassist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Michael Balzary, aka Flea has had a long acting career, including performances in such films as Back to the Future Part II & III, The Big Lebowski, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Suburbia, My Own Private Idaho, Psycho, and most recently the critically acclaimed, Low Down.

Brought on by Academy Award winning producer and casting legend, Fred Roos (The Godfather Part II & III, Apocalypse Now, The Virgin Suicides, and most recently St. Vincent) and writer/director/newcomer, Jessica Janos, Prettyface is currently casting and set to begin filming a proof-of-concept short this July.


A different take on the Manson tale, Prettyface is the story of two teenage girls on a quest to find a lost horse. They encounter a group of people on an old ranch who offer to help… the Manson Family.

“Ms. Janos’ impressive screenplay is a marvel of subtlety as the terror builds, introducing us to a Charlie Manson few of us have ever met—up close, charming and  ultimately terrifying in his attractiveness to a duet of innocent rural schoolgirls.  Brilliant.” – Victor Miller, writer and creator of Friday the 13th

Janos was first inspired to make this film while riding horses through the hills of Southern California as a young teen.

It was the trails littered with the evidence of an unspoken and unseen world; the refuse of old porn mags, torn women’s underwear, obscure graffiti and disemboweled cats that punctuated these travels and planted the first seeds of Prettyface – the fascination and allure of the strange and dangerous world that exists on the edge of everyday society. From East Indian sitar to improvised hillbilly-folk songs performed by Flea in his role as Charlie, the eclectic blend of psychedelic, emotive musical styles in Prettyface will create a new perspective on an era that changed the world and provide a rare and intimate portrait of sixties teenage angst.

The film is currently being funded on Indiegogo at this link


1/17: Cartwheel Art Tour Presented by LA Art Show

Cartwheel Art Tours Announces
Cartwheel Art Tour of the Downtown Los Angeles Art District
Saturday, January 17, 2015, 11:00am to 3pm

Presented by LA Art Show and Arts District Alliance,
a project of Arts District Community Council LA

Contact: Cindy Schwarzstein, 213-537-0687,


On Saturday, January 17, Cartwheel Art founder Cindy Schwarzstein leads a Cartwheel Art Tour of the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District. This immersive experience is designed especially for LA Art Show guests as a prelude to, and extension of, the Sunday LA Art Show panel, Dialogs LA The Arts District: The Development of an Art Scene and the Art of Development.

This walking tour of the most unique, art-centric, and rapidly changing part of Los Angeles is presented by LA Art Show and the Arts District Alliance, a project of Arts District Community Council LA (ADCCLA) and compliments the Arts District Alliance’s LA Art Show continuum. Cartwheel Art produced this tour of Los Angeles mural art and the vibrant Downtown Los Angeles Arts District to celebrate the LA Art Show’s 20th anniversary.

Saturday’s tour showcases the murals of internationally well-known artists, emerging artists and Los Angeles graffiti crews, along with significant points of interest, and includes interactions with artists, developers, historians and creative entrepreneurs.

This LA Art Show Cartwheel Art walking tour will include an eclectic team of knowledgeable and passionate insiders from the district who are deeply connected to the art, food, history and developments occurring in the neighborhood. Some of the guest speakers will be participating in the Dialogs LA Panel Discussions on Sunday. The tour will also view murals by artists who are featured in the Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles (MCLA) exhibition and discuss their work, in anticipation of Saturday afternoon’s MCLA panel discussion, Public Art Land Grab: The Gold Rush Economy of LA’s Mural Renaissance as well seeing murals by artists featured in the El Segundo Museum of Art’s “Scratch” triptych at the LA Art Show. Graffiti historian/photographer/curator/author Steve Grody (Graffiti L.A.: Street Styles and Art) will join the tour to provide historical background and details.

Tour participants will also get to experience the neighborhood where four Chinese photographers from China Projects will be artists-in-residence as part of the LA Art Show continuum. These photographers will participate in an exchange program with Arts District photographers from Tuesday, January 20 through Sunday, January 25 in collaboration with the Arts District Alliance, Cartwheel Art and the LA Art Show.

Along with murals, participants will have a rare visit to high-end residential loft, carefully restored and renovated by Yuval Bar-Zemer, Principal of Linear City Development and one of the panelists on Sunday’s Dialogs LA “The Arts District: The Development of an Art Scene and the Art of Development.” The group will also visit brick-and-mortar early adopters and new service businesses, ranging from organic food shops and cafes like the Daily Dose to galleries and makers’ boutiques like Downtown Design League whose founder, Yasmina Cruz, is also a panelist on Sunday’s discussion. Participants will have an opportunity to see and discuss the pros and cons of development. Filmmaker Stephen Seemayer (Tales of the American and Young Turks), a performance artist who lived in the Arts District for over twenty-five years, will provide background and history.

The tour will also visit Angel City Brewery where guests who are over 21 can sample local brews and learn about beer making and the history of the brewery’s venerable building.

The tour meets at 11:00am on Saturday January 17 at the LA Art Show ticketing entrance. The tour begins with a bus ride to the Arts District where participants will take a 10-12 block walk before returning to the LA Art Show via bus at 3pm. Tickets are $47.50 and include transportation, a detailed map of the murals and features of Downtown Los Angeles Arts District along with a food sampling at the beginning of the tour from our sponsor Daily Dose Café and admission into the LA Art Show as part of the itinerary. Tickets are available through Eventbrite.

Cartwheel Art and Cartwheel Art Tours
Cartwheel Art publishes an online art magazine and provides a full range of promotional and editorial media services in addition to producing and offering tours, currently specializing in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District, where they are based. Private and public group tours are offered currently in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District. Cartwheel Art Tours are designed to engage the community with an opportunity for individuals, groups, and organizations—whether local or visiting—to discover, explore, and experience the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District through the eyes and voices of special guest speakers from the neighborhood including artists, advocates, creative entrepreneur, and historians. Most tours include a map, created by Cartwheel Art, identifying the murals, artist studios, galleries, event spaces, restaurants, bars, cafes and other creative businesses in the vibrant Arts District. For more information, please visit

For more information about the Cartwheel Art Tour and the itinerary, visit or for questions, email

LA Art Show: Dialogs LA
Dialogs LA Panel “The Arts District: The Development of an Art Scene and the Art of Development” presented by Cartwheel Art and Arts District Alliance, a project of Arts District Community Council LA, will focus on how the Arts District’s past and present and the issues facing many cities as they develop older districts into attractive creative hubs for businesses and residents. For more information please visit the LA Art Show website.

Arts District Alliance
Arts District Alliance, a project of Arts District Community Council LA (ADCCLA), based in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District, focuses on art exchange as an opportunity to create dialogue, collaboration and discovery between artists and community members in different cities around the globe. For more information about Arts District Alliance and the Continuum Exchange Program collaboration with Arts District Alliance, Cartwheel Art and the LA Art Show from Tuesday January 20, 2015 – Sunday January 25, 2015, please visit their website.

Presented by Arts District Alliance, a project of Arts District Community Council LA

SATURDAY, JANUARY 17, 11:00am to 3:00pm. Meet at LA Art Show ticket entrance.
Tickets $47.50


Designer Con 2014 Wrap Up and 2015 News



This year, Designer Con topped all previous efforts with 330 vendors,  73,000 square feet of toys and art, and over 7,000 attendees!


at the Pasadena Convention Center, Exhibit Hall.

Designer Con 2014 photos by Reverberations Media:
Saturday Nov. 8
Sunday Nov. 9

Select Designer Con 2014 Press
LA Magazine Guide Editors Pick (also in print Nov. 2014 issue)
Vinyl Pulse (numerous posts)
Time Out Los Angeles – Things to do
Things to do in LA Cool and Unique art and photography events in LA
Comics Beat – “Designer Con Tells a Toy Story All Its Own”
CultureShock Art
The Los Angeles Beat
Macaroni Kid
Pasadena Weekly

Pasadena Star News – Top 10 Things to Do
Fused Society “The toy industry is FULL of amazing cultural fusions @ Designer Con 2014”
Toys R Evil Blogspot
Numerous posts on Action Figure Times
The Brick Fan
Nerd City Online Guide to Designer Con 2014
Rise Up Daily –  “Depression and Art Panel at Designer Con 2014
LA Weekly Slideshow



Designer Con is where imagination and art overwhelm your inner child!
-Aaron Childs

Love the show!! SO many talented artists and toy makers- I really enjoyed being a part of it. I do 30-40 shows a year and really look forward to this one because of the environment; non commercial, artist focused, and tightly run- easily one of our best shows. I can see why the attendees come back year after year- I know I will.
– Kris Kehasukjaren (Minion ME!)

Unlike most conventions where many vendors and exhibitors have basically the same stuff, each and every booth at Designer Con is unique. Ever aisle offers something new and exciting and you’re guaranteed to find something you never realized you had to have.
– Jeremy Sung, Spy Monkey Creations Inc.

There is no show like Designer Con! I’ve never seen so much variety of talent in one convention and attendees definitely appreciate this. DCon is also one of the most wonderfully managed shows I have ever sold at. This is definitely one I will be adding to my circuit.
– Emily Coleman /

Absolutely love this show, we need more like it. The cross over between graphic illustration and hand made design is a brilliant idea that fills a much needed void in the pop culture convention world.
– Justin (Jusscope Press/ Sugar Addict Creations)

If you are an artist or company in the designer toy scene or pop-art world, then you NEED to make the trip to Designer Con to show your products and art. It’s a very well run event and THE place to be to showcase what you do to the most fans of toys and art possible. It’s an affordable event and tons of fun. I’ve networked with many talented people and made a lot of friends while doing so!
– Sean Sanford (Galactic Jerkbags)

Designer Con is seriously at the top of my list now. I loved that the focus is on original designs and art, not fan art and costumes. It’s not crazy crowded, the people are super laid back and friendly, and it’s just a nice experience all around. I came home with a bunch of new art and tons of new inspiration, I can’t wait to go back next year!
– Jeannine Schafer (The Neenerbot Shop)

One of the greatest events ever. The landscape is changing but the event is something that is inspiring and will ultimately help everyone. This convention addresses all our needs from feedback, inspiration, market testing, and plain old friendships.
– Giant Robot


Tiki Oasis 14 Recap, Miss Tiki Oasis, TO15!

Tiki Oasis 14 recap – meet Miss Tiki Oasis – 2015 event dates and media coverage!


Tiki Oasis attendees and participants might tell you that they feel like the event, which happened in mid-August, ended only days ago. Others will tell you about their PTOD (post Tiki Oasis depression), a post-event emptiness which leaves them yearning for more. Either way, you can see that Tiki Oasis leaves a lasting impression on everyone involved! In the meantime, meet Miss Tiki Oasis 14, check out some press links and calendar the dates for Tiki Oasis 15!

Tiki Oasis 14: “Beat Tiki”
Presented by Tiki Club Liquors and Steady Clothing
In Association with Angostura Rum and Bitters, Galliano, Zacapa Rum, Ballast Point, Deadhead and Blue Chair Bay Rum
Benefiting The Surfrider Foundation, The Beat Museum and WildCoast
August 2014 San Diego, CA

The 14th annual Tiki Oasis event, themed “Beat Tiki” for its’ look at many aspects of the Beat Generation, was an extremely well-attended  four-day extravaganza fueled by mid-century inspired entertainment and culture. A great time was had by over 3000 attendees and event participants!

Ruby Joule Miss Tiki Oasis 2014


Ruby Joule of Austin has been crowned Miss Tiki Oasis 2014. Ruby is a native of Austin, TX with extensive experience in dance, theater and film. Her training includes many years of classical ballet at Ballet Austin Academy and nine years of traditional Polynesian and hula dance with Tropical Productions Company. Her theatrical career includes starring roles in many prominent Austin productions and in film, and has appeared on the covers and in the pages of magazines such as The Economist, Wall Street Journal, and Famous Monsters of Filmland! Check out her website here

Stay Tuned for Tiki Oasis 15:
“Tomorrows Future Today”, August 13-16, 2015!


Tiki Oasis 14: “Beat Tiki” received an incredible amount of coverage this year. On behalf of the organizers and myself, I want to give a huge THANK YOU to every one of you who reported and wrote about the event! Here’s a list of press links.

Video: CBS 8 News – It’s Tiki Time!
Video: Fox 5 TV News –  Tiki Oasis Preview
Audio: KCBQ Saturday Night Sock Hop-  Podcast with phone in to host Mike Zuccaro live from Tiki Oasis August 16
KCRW  Recommended things to do email
Audio: KCSB Otto von Strohiem on Freak Power Ticket part one
Audio: KCSB Otto von Strohiem on Freak Power Ticket part two
KPBS Tiki Oasis Event Overview
Video: KPBS Tiki Oasis Goes Beat, Can You Dig It?
NBC Los Angeles San Diego Swank Tiki Convention
NBC San Diego Indie Music Takeover Tiki Oasis Mention
Audio: Retro Cocktail Hour, heard on Kansas Public Radio, Northwest Public Radio, WESA Pittsburgh, WAMU HD3 Washington DC and WKMS Murray KY
Video: San Diego 6  Tiki Oasis on San Diego Living 

Cartwheel Art Like, Dig That Tiki Art Man!
Flavorpill A four-day celebration of Tiki culture, this time with a Beat-Generation twist.
Los Angeles Beat Sips, Savors and Shopping at Tiki Oasis
Los Angeles Beat Rolly Crump brings Enchanted Tiki Room to Life at Tiki Oasis
Los Angeles Beat Interview with The Standells at Tiki Oasis
Los Angeles Beat Beauty, Tiki Oasis Style
Los Angeles Beat Tiki Drinks and Culture Make for a Fun Weekend at Tiki Oasis
Images: Los Angeles Weekly Lina in LA Tiki Oasis Photo Slideshow
Los Angeles Weekly Tiki Oasis a Convention for Fans of Retro Tropical Kitsch
Video: Lost in Paradise Beat Tiki at the Bali Hai
Modern San Diego CalTiki preview
San Diego City Beat City Beat’s Three Recommendations for the week
San Diego Coast Life Visitors Guide Tiki Oasis Highlights
San Diego Eater In Honor of Tiki Oasis Local Bars Serving Tiki Drinks
San Diego Eater Cocktail Symposium Blurb
San Diego News Online Tiki Oasis 14 Beat Tiki Main Event
San Diego Reader Report from Tiki Oasis (Sunday)
San Diego Reader Tiki Oasis 2014 Art Show Calander Reccomendation (print)
San Diego Reader Event listing
San Diego Troubador Fest to Celebrate those Cool and Crazy Beats
San Five Fun Tiki Finds Throuout San Diego
See California San Diego Tiki Oasis Tiki Festival
Union Tribune Interview with Mike Stax for Tiki Oasis 1014
Union Tribune The Beat Goes On at Tiki Oasis
Union Tribune N+D Entertainment Section Tiki Oasis Calander Reccomendation (print image)

A Mountain of Crushed Ice Tiki Oasis 14: Beat Tiki Symposium Preview!
A Mountain of Crushed Ice Tiki Oasis 14: Beat Tiki post event coverage
Boy Drinks World Prepping for Tiki Oasis with DIY Falernum
LA Cocktails Calandar Tiki Oasis listing
The Pineapple Man Tiki Blog Attack of the Clones
Three of Strong Tiki Oasis 14 Cocktail Symposiums

Bittersweet Susie blog  Talks about Rolly Crump’s symposium
Eichler Network – CA Modern Where Tiki meets Beat with Baby Doe quotes Celebrate National Rum day at Tiki Oasis
LGBT Weekly Tiki Oasis and Miss Tiki Oasis 2014 mention
Mister Unnoficial Tiki Oasis 2014 Modcast
Mr. Eliminator Blogspot Tiki Oasis 14: Beat Tiki in San Diego!
Pin Curl Magazine Ruby’s Recollections of Tiki Oasis 2014
Quartz ( Four Day Work Week article with AP photog Cabana Crew photo
Rod Authority  The 14th Tiki Oasis Hits The Beat–Beatnik & Tiki Collide
Tartines to Tikis – Tiki Oasis 2014
The Atomic Grog Otto von Stroheim Pioneering Event Promoter
Toys R Evil Mike Nemo Tiki Toys at Tiki Oasis
Valley of the Barbie Doll Tiki Oasis 2014
Vintage Fashon Guild Forum Tiki Oasis ~ VFG Fashion Parade for the week of August 4th
US Airways Magazine Tiki Oasis Mention (print)

PHOTO ALBUMS – photos by Lee Joseph / Reverberations Media
Thursday 9/15/14
Friday 9/15/14
Saturday 9/15/14
Sunday 9/15/14


Some Tiki Oasis 13 Press – Get Ready for Tiki Oasis 14!

Links to press and video from last year’s Tiki Oasis 13!

Tiki Oasis Art Show

-Cartwheel Art

Tiki Oasis festival embraces Hawaiian Hootenanny theme
in San Diego

Get Ready for Hawaiian Americana at Tiki Oasis

-Eichler Network / CA Modern

Tiki Oasis 2013

-Los Angeles Beat Beauty

Tasting Tiki: Exotica Cocktail History
at Tiki Oasis

-Huffington Post

Island connection equals ‘Hulabilly’ heaven

-Union Tribune Preview

The revival of Tiki cool

-Union Tribune Coverage

Bring Your Leis
(and Blue Suede Shoes) to Tiki Oasis!

-San Diego Troubador

Boozy Classes at Tiki Oasis

-San Diego Eater

Paradise Found

-Eichler Network / CA Modern

Vintage Cool San Diego

-NBC Los Angeles

A Tipping Point in the Compensation Debate

-Voice of San Diego

Gear Up! Tiki Oasis ’13

-Rod Authority



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