8/13-15: Tiki Oasis 15 – YESTERDAY’S FUTURE, TODAY!


Otto and Baby Doe Present
Tiki Oasis 15
Yesterday’s Future Today!
San Diego August 13-15, 2015
Meet and Greet at Bali Hai, Shelter Island Thursday August 13
Main Event at Crown Plaza, Hotel Circle
Tiki Oasis on Instagram
Preview this year’s live entertainment at this link
Super Interstellar Saturday headlining act will be revealed on June 1!
Prepare yourself for this year’s theme:
Yesterday’s Future, Today!

The Space Age ran parallel to the Modern Primitivism of Tiki Culture. While technology propelled modern man to the moon, the common man celebrated isolated islander cultures that were equally unattainable.

Whether it was a World’s Fair or Disneyland’s Tomorrowland (1955), It seemed that the interest in other worlds in outer space was equally as intriguing as our curiosity of primitive cultures. All World’s Fairs had “International” exhibits displaying Exotic and Primitive cultures alongside the most modern aspects of technology. Similarly, with a short walk across Disnelyland’s Main Street, tourists traveled from the advanced technologies of Tomorrowland to the wilds of Adventureland’s Polynesian garden –  The Tiki Room and the Jungle Cruise. In 1947 the world listened and read about the Kon Tiki raft sailing across the South Pacific toward the most remote island on earth – Easter Island. Ten years later the Western world watched as Russia’s Sputnik sailed into outer space to begin The Space Race. Soon thereafter Apollo jettisoned the first men to the moon. The Telstar satellite (1962) inspired Joe Meek to pen the #1 Surf instrumental tune of the same name using cutting edge recording techniques (the single was backed by B Side “Jungle Fever”).

From late 19th century Jules Verne Sci-Fi voyages to the perfect future of The Jetsons (and their primitive counterparts The Flintstones); From Fritz Lang’s Futurist inspired Metropolis (1927) to The Star Trek Enterprise’s search for the final frontier, man’s love of Modernism and Primitivism have run parallel in space (Mars and the Moon) as it has on earth (the remote islands of The Polynesian Triangle)

Captain James Cook desired to go “farther than any other man has been before”. He discovered many remote islands as well as sailing to Antarctica and being the first to chart parts of Alaska, the final frontier of the Age of Discovery. Ironically we ended up putting a man on the moon decades before we discovered the last tribes in the mountains of Papua New Guinea. Just as Captain Cook’s Endeavor sailed uncharted seas, Star Trek Captain James T. Kirk’s Enterprise took voyages into outer space to discover “strange new worlds, uncharted civilizations, and exotic people.”

To ensure a safe voyage we have have assembled a stellar crew of Space Cadets to lead you on your journey to the stars: Flight Engineer Danny Biederman; Command Pilot Don Preston; Mission Specialist Neil Norman; Educator Mission Specialists Duke Weiss and Jeff Chenault; Space Flight Participants Sven KirstenRichard FossMartin CateWill the Thrill, and Domenic Priore.

In 2015, we here at Tiki Oasis will take you on warp speed from the garage-rock primitivism of The Chocolate Watchband and the vintage style Exotica of Tikiyaki Orchestra to the Blast Off Rock from Earth’s capitol’s house band The Phenomenauts.


New Deadhead Rum packaging launched earlier this month using artists’ submissions of their interpretation of a tsantsa—the shrunken head of an enemy kept as a trophy.­ The new bottle features a large scar on the back where the brain would have been extracted, designed by the artist Q; several windows to show the rum level (“the drink-o-meter”), created by Jason Janes (aka 3Sheets); a heavier brow, pinned ears and the brand’s name embossed across the forehead, crafted Rodney McLellan (aka Odd Rodney). You will without a doubt want to take a bottle home as a trophy for yourself.

Exquisite molasses-coffee silkiness on the mouth, deepened by a hint of black pepper, turmeric and orange cloves. Sumptuous yet light-hearted, there’s no burn or bitterness. The cedar and exotic barrel influence is apparent through a burnt brown sugar, cinnamon, allspice and toffee backdrop.

Rated 95—The Tasting Panel


My name is Zippy Moondog and I love Hawaiian Shirts. For 15 years I have shared my passion for aloha-wear from my shop ‘Hula Girl’ on the beautiful island of Kauai. I recently launched the Web site ‘Hawaiian Shirt Dude‘ so I could spread aloha to the rest of the world, and the response has been amazing. I’m making new friends worldwide and making the world a better place one shirt at a time. This will be my first Tiki Oasis and I look forward to meeting all of you!

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